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Okay. College has been very busy with me and writing my manga is always dancing around in brain. I do love reading fanfictions though and will continue to do so. As for the thing that happened with me, my father passed away last year in Oct. and I'm still trying to heal and helping my friends with whatever they are working on and continuing to write my own manga is helping me because my dad would like for me to one day have my dream with becoming a writer and he was interested in the manga that I'm writing about. I don't have an artist and I hope that I get one in the near future. Though, I don't post most of the information that I am going on with on dA but mostly my tumblr since that seems to be my new home. So yeah...


(If you guys want to contact me, please PM me)

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About Me:

I am a female. Just so you people know. And my looks shall not be given at all.

I am 21 and my birthday is September 24th. Which means I can drink now! XD

I am a college student and I go to community college and I am a writer, though I would like to have something in cooking and I do want to be a teacher, in kindergarten or maybe work with some of the seniors at my mom's work place.

Where do I live? I live in my bedroom that is my cave. Also, my cat invades my privacy and never seems to know when I actually want to be alone. I can't even do some yoga moves in my bedroom due to my cat coming into my bedroom and bugging me to the ends of the world.

I do watch lots of Let's Plays and half of them are interesting. And it is nice to see the games and maybe, play along with the games. (If remembered correctly, I kept on bitching about the whole thing in Rune Factory 4 with Dylas when he was in his horse form. Trust me, he has been pissing me off and I can't seem to beat the heck out of him. Amber was easy as heck to defeat, I guess Dylas is tougher to beat and then the others would be a pain in my ass once I get to them.)

For my video games I have some progress in them. Like, for Rune Factory 4. I would like to marry Doug in one game and the two others, I am still deciding on which other guy to marry too. For some of my Harvest Moon games. I have my eyes on Ivan, Kana and then Cam.

Also, I just got the Harvest Moon: A New Beginning, I like Neil, Rod and Allen so far, just by looking at their profiles. Though, I'm still choosing which one I am going to marry too. First game, I want to say Neil and the second is a battle between Rod and Allen (I think Rod might win). Don't know yet.

Other Information:

I have some novels, character poems, backstories, information and a manga series going on right now. The manga series is four books and it is called the Garden Series and I do enjoy writing it. I enjoy writing some character profiles and change a few things about them to make the same characters but a little different. Example, there is novel Roxy and manga Roxy this does include novel Kira and manga Kira as well. I am called bat-shit crazy at times, I do torture my characters and bring pain to them and at some points in my life, they hate me for that. Except for some characters, who are sweet and kind. Though, I am their almightily creator or as some of them like to call me, their Goddess of Evil >:3 So I win half of the time.

I am known to be lazy, easy-going, cheerful and friendly. I like talking to new people, just as long as my characters don't steal the spotlight. I have two illness apparently; one is called "procrastination" which is very serious (especially when it comes down to my school work or my fanfiction stories). The other illness is called "Constant Character Syndrome" or "CCS" for short, this is series as well. Which means I have some characters that bug the shit out of me more than the others characters. They are two characters, who seem to enjoy doing this which sucks if you ask me.

Sometimes, when I am busy with fanfiction stories; my original characters who do not like being in fanfiction have gone to the back-burner aka the hot springs/beach/whatever paradise they feel like visiting which means I don't get bugged that much by them. I love Anime/Manga and anything from Japan. I enjoy writing and reading. I love some animals (I don't like snakes at all except if they are one of my awesome and gentlemen snake character who has a British accent if he could talk). And I have more likes and I do have some dislikes...

I can control my insanity at times and have either strange ideas or awesome ideas. Also, I do have a Mad-God character who is like bat-shit insane but funny at times, just as long, as he doesn't fuck up my laptop, cell phone or brain. Well, I think that is it about me. Also, I have been dealing with some family problems right now and half of the time it is driving me crazy and school has been going well for me and I have been dealing with all of the homework which I might be doing on some days and I hope that you all understand.

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