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First, about me: Im generally a happy person. I'll talk to almost anyone and i love to laugh. i rarely get angry and i believe that every day starts out as a good one. I like to read, write, draw, learn french, and play soccer. i am unabashedly addicted to coke (the soda) and nutella. many people say im crazy, i prefer to say that im high on life.


books- Dresden Files, Harry potter, anything james patterson, iron fey, mortal instruments, and morganville vampires

movies/tv- Annie, dr. who (did i mention that im a huge nerd?) HP, star wars, LoTR, sherlock, gilmore girls, the mummy

pet peeves- people who think theyre excellent writers, continually boast about their skills and ask for editting tips.actually, bad writing in general kind of irks me. Bullies. i despise bullies. people who belittle soccer, particularly goalies (it's not easy, people. it's hard and painful work) fanfiction.

im in the process of writing two books, one weighing in at 70,000 words (180 pgs Times, sz12) the other only 60,000 (150 pgs, same) both are part of the same trilogy and neither are particularly close to being complete. i work on both alternately. i have participated in nanowrimo for the past two years and havent lost yet, though i never seem to finish at 50k. I'll publish eventually, but for now I'll settle for building my skill and confidence by posting minor works here. for the record, the reviews i give are nothing but honest. if i like your stuff, i'll say so, if i think you have potential or even a little talent i'll offer advice and such. otherwise, i'll probably read and refuse to comment. also, i look forward to any and all critiques and comments when i manage to get something on here.