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Name : skylaire

Gender : female

Age : 16

Hobbies : reading, dancing, reading more, sleep, eat, dance again...breathe?...then read

well let's see here...

I joined fictionpress because of my friend(who happens to be an author here (well duh!)) and I liked the first story I've read which was boyxboy. heehee :" so cute. Anyways, so yeah, I see really good authors and their stories and what I really need are good ones.

I also want to meet new friends local or international.

I'm into Romance...well let's just say I'm suckish when it comes to romance, even if I see cliche plots in stories, I still read them. I know I know, I'm one of those girls who goes gaga over perfect gentlemen who treat their only love ones right, then blah blah blah blah. Yeaah, but hey! that's just how I am. Maybe i'm just lonely :( nyahaha :)) kidding! i still need to pass college! romance can wait! :) for meee \:D/

In school, I'm usually quiet (as in!) but not that quiet-quiet. I get to be noisy here and there and then I'll just be random and go shit like that, so yeah...that's why i am in my school's dance team :) YEY! so i'll erase that shy quiet type of girl when going to college! so watch out b*. I should stop using too much profanity, but then what's the use of even making this words? right?

Ah crap! i'll stop now, but yeah, want to be my friend? go ahead, message me and we'll be buddy buddy! :D

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