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WHO I AM: Tabatha Catherine Paige, and my last name will remain a mystery. I live in a small town in West Virginia's panhandle. I'm the mother figure for a few middle schoolers, despite my being in high school. I go to concerts for small bands, even though I takes a mini-roadtrip to see anyone worth seeing. I love fixing typewriters, and I own a few. My favorite is my standard Underwood No. 5, because it is beautiful and writes like a dream despite its age.

WHAT I DO: I write. That's what I do. I write about not fitting in. I write about loyalty and betrayal. I write about family. I write about humanity, even though my characters are rarely human. I just completed my first novel and am in the final stages of self publishing it. For the first month after I put it up, the book will be free as an ebook. I'll be posting links soon, so keep an eye out!


My blog, where I post advice to get you through the teenage years, writing advice, and my unwanted-but-I'm-going-to-post-them-anyway-shut-up opinions.



In a dimension where dragons in human form roam, a darker species struggles to come to light. They are the chaos. They are spiteful. They have no morals. They taint whatever they touch.

In the human world, a half blooded dragon was born. An abomination. Her parents were killed for committing such a crime, but Austin was kidnapped and taken in by one of them. She grew up as chaos dragons do, despite somehow remaining pure of their filth. She was, of course, rescued by the brightest minds of the opposing force. She was hidden in the human world until she would posses the power needed to defend herself.

Except months before that time would come, the chaos have found her again. In order to protect her, she is brought to their home world--Affelil. In the famous stronghold, she is safe. No chaos in their right mind would dare infiltrate the city's walls, but chaos dragons are exactly known for their sanity.

Still, Austin isn't going down without a fight. She will learn the ways of their kind, how to defend herself, and along the way, she'll learn how to make a mean cup of tea. She is evolving. She is adapting. Still, there's a war brewing inside her; her human and dragon blood is fighting, ideals fighting against tradition. Like the chaos, her human side is fighting to be heard.

A preview can be found here!

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