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Hello, I am Everdite.

I'm not really someone who writes a ton of original fiction just because starting from scratch is so very hard. So with that said, I am more a frequent visitor to FF. When I am here I feel so confused and turned around, like how do I know what'll be good and what'll be bad and what am I supposed to do and whatnot.

I do enjoy writing even though at this stage of my life I typically hang around fanfiction.

On FF, I'm Mi Ling Chi.

I've been told by many that they love my writing and that it's so good but there were a few comments from my 5th grade teacher that have always stood out in my mind. Without further delay, here they are:

Martin Luther king changed the world with words, Abby, how are you going to do that?- This is my favorite because of the fact she had said in front of the entire class and it she had been reading a book about MLK and she compared me to him, saying that she knew I had the power to move others with my words.

Abby, when next school year starts, have your 6th grade english teacher send me some of your writing.- It was wonderful feeling to know that she wanted to read more of what I wrote.

And the last thing wasn't something she said but that fact she always called on me during writing and always used my stuff as example or let me read it to the class even when it was just fanfiction. In truth I think she was probably my most favorite teacher because she always supported me in my writing.

When I write I write about darker aspects of life. That means I tend to stick to the topics that can be painful or distubing. Every poem I've ever written has, in some way been connected to either death or suicide. The first thing I uploaded here was about how religion tries to scare it's followers into doing everything it wants them to. Another peice of writing I have is about a serial killer who is very dark and twisted on the inside. Hell, the prologue is a murder scene with him being so freaking twisted you wonder how an abomonation like him was born.

All in all, I'm not a fluffy person.

One of the things I hate most is people who can't do a lick of work and edit their stories so that they sound good. When someone is to lazy to go through what they've written and make is sound interesting or at least readable I think they shouldn't expect me to praise their work or other to. It really pisses me off because instead of putting crap out there they could keep it locked up and let the good stories be seen.

Heh-heh, woops! I ranted.

Anyways if you read this entire thing I thank you and know it was probably boring. Have a good day/night.

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