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erm... yeah.. for those who know me.. I am 13BlackPrince from Fanfiction.net... yeah...

Shit about me:

I will say this once again... I only drink hot tea, cold coffee (chocolate lates and frappes (fraaaaaaaaaaappes) included... with tons of whipped cream...) and water. Any other than that... I abhor it...

about food... I don't really hate anything... unless it's spicy... I don't hate it but I just can't handle it...

erm... I'm asian... although I have British blood running veins... cause of my mum...

I got her looks... not my dad's manry looks... so I have blonde hair... although I dye it black... cause it's too eye catching... and weird...

The only thing I didn't inherit from my mum...

is her wonderfully perfect height...

I got my dad's asian traits...

so i'm short...

and I mean really short...

please don't talk about height around me...

cause I might just strangle you...

and I'm also...

a university student...

I like music... (vocaloid... nico... classical... rock... it practically varies...)

I hate grammar...

and history...




practically anything that's annoying...


I like darkness...

high places...





and anything that catches my eye...

Lines I won't forget throughout my life:

"Honey! I told you not to eat near the computer!"

-said my mum while eating her lunch in front of the computer, while playing chicken chase (?)

"Wake up, I know you'll love this."

-Dad said while I was sleeping, referring to a grotesque M rated movie

"Why did you choose to be a psychologist?"

"Because I want to."

-I told my psychology teacher at the first day of school

"Who among you have visited the guidance councilor during your high school days?"

I raised my hand


"Because it's cold in there"

-I also said this at the first day of school

"What is lemon?"

-Ash asked me while chatting with one of my readers

Mum is talking with me through the phone and heard Lucy speaking beside me*

"Is that your girlfriend?"


Lucy turns towards me

"What's wrong?"

"My mum mistook you as my girlfriend"

she suddenly snatches the phone

"Don't worry Mrs. *state my surname here, your son's gay"

I snatched my phone back

"Don't worry son! We love you the way you are!"

-during some random day

"So, masturbation."

-Lucy said out of the blue

"Oral, Anal, Oral, Anal, Oral, Anal, Oral, Anal..."

"What? Are you choosing which one to do tonight?"

-Lucy said while I was memorizing something in our psychology test

sees a cup of noodles with random japanese scribbles in it.*

calls brother*

"Hey want some Japanese noodles?"

"Yeah sure."

later that day*

while eating noodles, brother looks over the cup, the suddenly cracks up

"Did you tell me earlier that this is Japanese noodles?"

"Yeah, kinda obvious because of the brand name."

"Look under your cup."


Product made by *state another country's name here*

"Fucking fraud."

I will now study...

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