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Hm. So, this is the mother of FanFiction, eh?

Or is it the child...?

Oh whatever.

Let me tell you about myself.

Name: Sarah

Nicknames: I would actually prefer if you call me Cooki. Or Cookie. Or Crumble. Not Sarah. I sometimes really hate my name -_-"

Age: Pick a number between 1 and infinity. It's probably wrong.

Gender: Female (I think...)

Species: Unicorn

Likes: Robot Unicorn Attack, Warriors, Harry Potter, cats, chocolate, cookies, food, ramen noodles, Kingdom Hearts, Stardriver, Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) and cats.

Dislikes: spam, MLP, work, chores, my sister, being hungry, being tired, not getting enough sleep.

Well then. On to what I have in mind, hm? I warn you though, I have absolutely no creativity. So these might have already been written thousands of times. But that's why they are called clich├ęs, no?

The Ones: Thousands of years after our time, mysterious beings who we call "ones" come to Earth. The clock resets, all our views change. Unused to the climates and life on our planet, they retreat to the back of our minds, becoming parasites. This is how it is for 50 years. Then, in the town of Coppervine, a girl questions the one she is born with. The two set out on a journey, to find out what the ones want... and what they're hiding from their hosts.

Stony Way: The Mystery Begins: Stony Way is a quiet town, set in the middle of a desert. A desert where? No one knows, not even the locals. Turns out they don't know a lot of things: why all the people are appearing mysteriously there, why they suddenly get murdered after a few nights... It's a mystery. And Melinda Garder is going to solve it. A stranger to Stony Way herself, she has no idea how she got here, or the details before the fact. But she's willing to do anything to figure that out.

The Descent: Darius Maine was an average man. Had a wife, two kids, a dog, a cranky neighbour, things like that. On the outside, everything was perfect, in everyone's eyes...except for his. His eyes didn't see perfect; they saw horror. A horror that he lived every day, as he slowly made his descent down the spiraling staircase of his own mind...

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