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Hello. :)

Like each and everyone of you, I AM A STORYTELLER.For that commonality alone, we should be friends. :D

I am eighteen year old and attending college in the US. I have not a clue what I want to study. '3'

You can call me Des. -

I am a virgin online fiction writer. None of my stories have ever made it to the web. I am kind of paranoid about people copying my work. :/ But I was told by a very trustworthy friend that fictionpress is a safe and worth wild site to try out my stories, so here I am!

I am in desperate need of REAL critism. I show my stories to a select few people and they are very nice, polite, safe comments (which I appreciate), but I DO NOT LIKE SAFE CRITISM! I want real honest opinions. I give them myself, so do not be offended. I am just blunt. I want to become a better writer and I assume that everyone here wants that to, thats why they post their stories. :)

I have been writing and drawing for as long as I have been able to hold a pencil. I learned to draw from my father and I learned to love reading and writing through my mom.

My writing reflexs my personality: it is hopelessly romantic, blunt, persistant, dark, intense, fanatical, eccentric and intricate. I do not like to subject myself to just one genre, but I do tend to flutter around scifi, fantasy, horror and general. I tend to write genres that I enjoy reading. Although, I maye surprise you and just write in all categories, except non-fiction. I loathe to write non-fiction. It just is not my cup of tea.

Ta-ta for now, my fellow tellers. ;)

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