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Aloha Friends and Writers!

I'm Hales, and I'm in the process of building a new account! I've been on Fictionpress for 12 years, under the name Fleur-de-lis-Evans! I am switching to this account, as I intend to post works in progress and want to be associated with a more professional name!

I have a Bachelor's in English-Literature and Minor in Creative Writing. Books and the written word are my passions! Future goals include continuing work as a Freelance Editor and going into Hospitality Management, with a goal of either restaurant management or Event Planning.

I am beginning my adventure as a photographer and hobbyist Cosplayer. My other passions include Football (Soccer), collecting (stuffed animals, snow globes, books, bottles and cans and a sportswoman, occasionally playing tennis, running, swimming and biking. I also follow British/English television and enjoy several American Shows: So You Think You Can Dance, American Idol, One Tree Hill, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and 7th Heaven.

I am a sports lover and enjoy supporting the following teams:

Fire (Chicago Soccer) and Finland, England (European Football), The Bears (Chicago Football)l, Broncos (Colorado Football) and Longhorns (Texas Football), and The Blackhawks (Chicago Hockey).



I have since moved to other parts of the net, from my earliest days as a FanFiction and FictionPress regular! The links below are other places on the net you can find me and see what I am up to!

Facebook: Private Message me, as I only give this information to trusted writers I have spoken to for two years or for whom I edit.

Fanfiction:Jazz E. Roisin and Jazz E. Roisin - Beta

Deviant Art: H-A-Cooke

You-Tube: Hales' Herald


H-A-Cooke - Beta Profile

Ever wondered how a passionate Content and Proof Editor marks up a story? To see my process and hear about my experience just follow the link above! I will update when I have met the site's credentials and created the profile!


Below are all the amazing writers I edit! I will update this section with authors from FictionPress, DeviantArt and Real Life whose work I spend lots of time with!


If I don't fit your needs as a writer or you're wondering "Who the heck checks Hale's work?" the following Betas or IRL Editors may be right up your ally! Follow the links below to visit their accounts and get in touch!

halfbloodlycan: An IRL Editor Lycan can offer character development feedback and content advice! Need proof of her skills? She is currently developing an idea for a Novel that falls under dark fantasy! To shoot her any questions follow the link that is her penname above and PM!


As a returning active member of FP, I am involved in two forums! Below are links to the communities and the authors who created them! Hope to see you there!

Writers Inc (Arem): This is a home for wayward RPGs of any sort. Come, join, create - Unleash the Power Inside.

The Globe (xenolith): All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players. A forum for school leavers.

The Revival (HighOnBrokenWings): This forum is for everyone: writers, readers, lurkers, people who just need a little encouragement...all are welcome!





Here's where to find my: PICK OF THE MONTH:



March: The Coven of Atlantis by White Magick

February: Soul Watch by embersandashes

January: The Queen of Spades by TheGirlAtMidnight


CrimsonDrop7: It's been ten years since we met, and you still coax me out from behind my desk! You're an amazing friend and inspiration to me! Thank you for kick starting my creative writing career! I hope to follow in the footsteps of the dedicated, loyal and patient wolf I know you to be!

eventhorizon42: It's been nearly nine years since we met over Cool Aid - Hawaiian Punch in Sunday School! But, you're the voice of reason and blunt reality that keeps my writing honest! It's been great fun sharing life in between the awkward spacing!

HalfbloodLycan: Thank you for being my patient sounding board throughout my writing adventure! It's an honor to travel with you into the worlds our minds create! I hope to share many more whispers of rebellion with you in the years to come!

Val Dante: I am so glad our paths in time crossed! It's been a pleasure going through the rough road of friendship with you! Congratulations on your marriage, and I hope to spend many more years in friendship with you!


Age: 24

Degree: Bachelors of Arts: English Literature: Minor in Creative Writing

Aspiration:Save for a course in Management and Work as a Manager

Currently Reading: The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan & The Morderer's Sacrifice: A Prodigy's Imagination by Sarah E. Smothers

Currently Watching: Doctor Who - William Hartnell, Stark Trek Original Series, Sleepy Hallow, Elementary, Criminal Minds SE01, and Fringe SE02

Current Work: Food Runner / Box Office Coordinator

Fun Fact: I'm an outdoorswoman! I love biking, running, swimming, hiking and playing tennis, soccer and old school games like: Red Rover, Freeze Tag, Four Square and Hop-Scotch.

"Imagination is more valuable than knowledge." - Uknown