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Hello world of FictionPress.

Information I am okay with you knowing...

Gender: Female

Age: Rhymes with 'bean'

Name: Please, just call me Jet.

I have an account on, so feel free to check it out! (Same user name.)

As a new writter (my friend got me into it!), I will do my best to keep my grammar in-check and keep an active audiance. Critism is like my chocolate cake. Please, drop in some adivice. However, good reviews, favorites, and follows are my soul. Those are what inspire me. :)

Hybrid is about Melissa, a half-human, half-witch hybrid and her friends. Jake, a bat shape shifter (commonly referred to as a vamp) is the first other hybrid she meets. Then comes Tyler, a demon-human hybrid. Of course the next one is a werewolf, as well as the eldest. Chloe comes in next, a mermaid tomboy. Lastly is Tori, half-spirit, half-human hybrid. But with the rise Tyler's father Katastroféas (his Greek name), and government agents out to 'assist' the half-breeds, how are they going to make it out of this one alive?

My main story focus now is Moonlight. Luna is a strange, totally human girl who was somehow chosen by the mystic 'Moon Watch' and is needed in a war for a community she never even knew about. Now, she must face betrayals, want, curses, and the like. But there's something more going on. Could the people she thought once to be her friends be the real enemies?

HEY! Guess what? I am on DA and FF! Check me out!:

All good stories need:

1) Characters. All characters have to be diverse and unique. Not one can be alike the other in certain ways. Be sure to not be RACIST and very all skin colors and ethnicities. Speak various languages, personalities (conflicts between others or relationships), and appearance.

2) The description of what you are seeing has to be at least definable. I may be being a bit hypocritical here, but I’ve read some stories where NOTHING makes much sense, location wise, that is. When you say ‘I at home,’ I may be picturing a mansion while you have a single adobe. Descriptions are important, but be sure to spread it out. I got this advice from someone, and they told me to fix this, of which I have. If you pile all the description at once, it’s just a lot of junk, and some people (like me) might just skim over it.

3) Grammar. This is a big one. I, myself, may not even be perfect in this. (And, considering I am still learning and making mistakes, it’s alright if you are not, too.) There are THOUSANDS of betas out there, although I am not one. I DO get betas, even if I do not truly need them. Phantom (On FanFiction) does not have one, but I am looking for one… (Getting off subject. Sorry.) But, if you need to, FIND A BETA! I will not even read a story if the summary has a misspelled word or a comma misplaced, and I’m very openminded in stories.

4) Vocabulary. Who wants to read a story that's all “she said, he said, then this happened, then that”? It’s like I’m reading an essay written by a five-year-old. (Yes, I know what those look like.) I mean no emotional abuse to those writers, but you CAN fix this! I, myself, do not have a wide range in words. So, I use a Dictionary APP on my computer to look up new ones if I feel I’ve used one enough.

5) Plots. Please, please, please, PLEASE get a plot for a story. Who’s the bad guy? What’s his motive? Does it make sense? I might just make a list of questions to look over a plot… (1. Does it make sense? 2. Are there any loose ends? 3. Will it catch the readers eye? 4. Is it too much? Did I over do something? 5. Will it flow with the characters personalities and powers (if has any)?)

6) The summary is what attracts a reader to a story, as well as covers. I, personally, like to see if anyone took the time to make a cover for a story. And, if the summary is captivating, I will read.

If you think of anything else, add it to the list and re-post. ;)

When making pairings, there are also things you need to make sure of.

1) Make sure the pairing isn't totally predictable. Don't make two lovebirds exactly the same. Try and keep all of the couples entirely different. That will make (possibly) conflicts, new agreements, and lead both characters to do things they never would've if it wasn't for the other.

2) Don't rush into pairings. Somethings that irritate me is 'love at first sight'. Sure, it may be romantic, but it's just…over used and not enchanting. Maybe have the characters be enemies, but gain emotion over constant conflicts. They might be close friends, but then they start to date, until one other person is yanked away! I love those things…

3) I'm pretty sure we all know what a Gary-sue and Mary-sue is? NO CHARACTER SHOULD EVER DATE THEIRS! It's just… not right. It'd be too good to be true. If it's too good to be true, it ain't real.

If you think of anything else, add it and re-post. ;)

Write something old

Write something new,

Write something false

Write something true,

But the entire purpose of writing

Is to write something YOU!

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