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So I haven't updated this profile, which my friend keeps telling about it.I still use this site because of loyalty to Fanfiction. I use other sites to post stories, I written more now. Other that I would delete this account, it just loyalty.

I love reading fanfiction about my favorite characters, who doesn't. I join this site in order to improve my writing skills, I really do suck at grammar and spelling, so who those people that read little tiny stories I post up and notice many mistakes, I'm sorry in advance.

I tend to get worst writers block ever once and a while so sorry too. I like my original characters to be female since I can relate to them better. Male characters ummm...yeah I think I read too much yaoi to even begin to relate to them.

My most Original Characters are:

Tala Eclipse Nightstar
Ray Anna Winters
Ren Julian Winters
Celestia Rain Nightmare
Tanagaila Maria Nightstar
Lendaska Yuri Nightstar
Tan Alex Dia Storm
Sachigo Cathrin Nairi
Candy Madison

I know that Nightstar's name is on there three times, they are in different stories as for the Winter's they are related and in the same story. I love stars and anything that has to do with them, which is why I choose those names along with the season winter too.

The Caretaker story is something outside my comfort zone. Also a heads up, Ray and Ren are not related. So just letting you know. The story is very dark theme, letting you know ahead of time. So I don't get murder for it.

I also love to encourage other people to continue to write there stories, I have a tendency to fall in love with stories I find interesting and waiting for the person to update like everyday i check if there's a new update, I love getting emotionally over stories that make you cry, laugh or even mad but I really don't like, still I just love the plot of any story.

Children of Rock: Ray, Ren and Candy-- one can never stay still no matter what they do, Ray tried to freeze her self from change but it seem with a promise that keeps pulling her forward that she must change to fully understand the path she choose to walk. Sexual, money, fame, friends will be tested on the path to fame. In progress

Tournament of battle: Sachigo Nairi -- she hates to kills but with T.O.B coming up, she must face a hard choice to compete or not, each choices she makes has a consequence to each action, she might also find out why she so different from everyone around her. Just Started - Unknown yet

I live in a Winter Wonderland and yes it's cold in the nights. I have seen lots of rabbits. I'm very tall 5'9, and pear shape I blame my Swedish heritage for it. thanks grandpa (joking I love it-childbearing hips) but yeah, My hair changes colors depending on my moods or season. My hair is Gold at the moment but will changes for the holidays. I'm proud to be Native yeah that's why I said Winter Wonderland. I love my Best Friends, they are the ones that I get in trouble with or wake up next to after a night of partying.

Play Dates by Happy Hippie reviews
Over the course of the past seven years Trey Davis has been thoroughly emasculated by his calculating and manipulative wife Julie, but he's pretty much used to that by now. It's just strange that a few summer afternoons spent with a former neighbor's eighteen-year-old stepson are suddenly making him feel like a man again. M/M
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Caretaker of a Vampire named Ray
Ren Walker is a normal young man, moved to city in hopes of making money. There he met a young girl named Ray and her parents. Normally they kill anyone that seen them Feed but due to a unforeseen event, They let him live...under the condition he becomes Ray's caretaker. Now he must survive their world and keep a vampire happy all in the same day. His blood tastes like him? who's?
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Children of Rock reviews
Ray wishes that she could let go of the past and move forward. The reason she can't move forward is because she can't really remember the past well. A hunting memory and the sound of guitar are what brings her down. Now age of 22 a pact made long ago forces her to move onwards. Gin, Tammy, Rory, Neka and others help her live again on the path to fame, music, people. Can she let go?
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