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Any resemblance to real-life brands, items, places, people, or events that are stated in the stories are merely added to improve the story. The author apologizes for any similarities to documents.

All of the stories written by the author are purely fictional.

Don't tell me I didn't warn you.


In the heart of the earth, two blossoms will grow

Enemies from birth, from the place they were sown.

Together they fit like a hook and an eye

A fishing hook. An open eye.

For one, Fire, to keep clean the room,

Another, Water, to seal the slave's doom.

The patron of the Earth the harvest shall reap

Through the lady of the Air the darkness shall seep.

Weaved out of a memory, Chaos shall emerge,

Followed by Death, the next lieutenant of the evil surge.

Endless Violence, to give birth to a race,

Injustice: a slave, a helper, a disgrace.

For decades and eons the two sides fought

A battle in the darkness, a war left to rot.

For champions have arisen, a new hope has come,

"Put down your weapons, for we surely have won!"

One of them, a child of the air,

Crippled with faults, strengthened with care.

The other one, of woman borne,

Whose iron fist is strengthened with scorn.

Fate brought together the hawk and the dove

To bring back good memories, of good faith, of love

Together they find the Diamond lost

But to bring back the throne, death would be the cost

Mediator and Ruler combined prevail

To lead a quest that is destined to fail.

Elemental Sorcerers' unequal divide

Stripped of their power, cast to the world outside.

But amidst the darkness, amidst all the gloom,

New sprigs shall shoot up, its fruits to ripen and bloom.

The Wand of Light, whose power's unique,

Is saved but concealed, for the time is finite.

Fate, as always, has its tragic end

When Questers with powers had both worlds to bend

Like a poisonous snake this weed will shoot

The trusted one through sacrifice recruit.

A wrinkle in time, a tangled word-spin,

A fault of the stars by the Huntress' plinth

Five went back, but only four remain,

Tricked by a japer's scaramouch game.

The ancient fortress awakens from sleep

An echo of the past arises from the keep

Beyond the walls, freedom will be key

To begin the end of humanity.

Two are picked to be the wizard's surge

One whose mind with the Scribes will merge.

The rejected ones from death shall be saved

As one innocent life is neither spared nor slayed.

As you can see, my blubbering friend Maiandra has hacked into my account again. She has been posting her stories, but I won't delete them 'coz I also find them quite interesting. I'm sorry for the constant change of pen names (Maiandra Pendragon, Jenilda Stonehill, and Angela Grace) coz i just can't decide! I'll just add them to the story.

Ohaider. Im no longer a seventh grader--it's our summer at last! FINALLY! I can now update much. Probably weekly, twice if I'm lucky. And I'm no longer twelve--I'm thirteen! Just turned so last February. Happy Birthday to me! Lol. hehe XD.

Just so you know, i'm updating on the Ruby and Diamond story. Dragonhouse will soon be deleted if i don't get any good ideas for that.

Peace out. Love ya. Hope you like my stories!!!!!

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