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First of all, I would like to clarify that: yes, I did use my main character's name as my user name on Fiction Press and it is because I like to be able to remember all my accounts, so logically, that was the best choice.

I live on this great place called Earth (most of the time) in this (sometimes great) country called America. I am human and enjoy not identifying more personal information about myself because I have a condition called paranoia that comes from this thing called News.

Interests: art (such as drawing, painting and definitely NOT singing-at least in public), reading, writing, history, hand sanitizer, philosophy, geography (well, I kind of have to since my writing involves creating worlds), collecting maps, and watching movies (which is a form of art and no, I do not like most TV shows), and um, um, um, oh ya-thinking, and remembering (it interests me...)

My list of Priorities: (excluding religion because well, ya know...) family, social life, writing, surviving, thinking (because it pertains to surviving), charity, opinions/beliefs, doing something, working, eating...