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To Start: I am pathetically hopeless at this, you've (unfortunate reader that you are) been warned...

Point: Nicknames are UNacceptable. I am who I am and I've never been any different to my knowledge. If I wasn't Painted Nose I'd be UnPainted Nose and that's not nearly as colourful. Right. Nicknames bother me.

I am always cold. Always. One Hundred and Twelve Degrees? I am wearing a fleece jacket.They are warm and fuzzy and they make me happy and fluffy inside. I will probably die of a heatstroke. But I will happily die of a heatstroke. So it will be fine. (That was irrelevant to anything anyone would ever want to know)

Videogames! I would write a story on videogames. I could speak for hours on end about the magical properties of a good videogame. I might be tempted to do that, except that nobody but me would like it. I play when I am supposed to be sleeping, I play when I'm supposed to be eating, I play when I'm supposed to be writing, I play, I play, I play. Sometimes I dream that I am playing. They (The games, child) are marvelous creations that bring me much happiness. Much happiness indeed. (I realize that I will be one of those people who will never ever leave their parent's home. I will probably live in the attic needing nothing more than a good couple of games and some chips and soda.) ((Pretty irrelevant))

I love sugar with a passion bordering on... well. After I finish with the little things that I actually do I sleep. I sleep more than a sloth. Sloths are cool! (Also irrelevant)

I ship many things. Not all of them are boats. (That was possibly having some relevance)

Here's where things get to be more related to writings.

I’m not the best writer I’ve ever seen, that’s for sure. (One, I’ve only seen like five in my lifetime with my eyes. Two, I’m not perfect. Never have been)

My strengths would probably be editing. Spelling and grammar and such things.

I like to read sci-fi and fantasy. I like to try to write the same. I’m pretty good with torture, or so I’ve been told. I can attempt a romance, but it’ll probably have some sort of torture and death in it (because I’m of the mind that romance is supposed to be lived in order to be written and because people have cooties. Ew. Why would I want to write about Cooties?) Death and torture is much more interesting/sanitary/relatable/easier for me.

Since I’m tired of talking about me:
The End

(Told you it’d be bad)

((Poor unfortunate reader you are))

Lessons reviews
Change: to transform one to another over time. Christa didn't have time. No waiting. She needed change to happen and she needed it now. Consequences: of no importance.
Fiction: Action - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 6 - Words: 5,573 - Reviews: 6 - Updated: 10/29/2012 - Published: 8/23/2012