Flightless Birds
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This account is now a joint account between Mbak Sanca and zipadeedoodah. All stories from 2014 and onwards is ours and not only Mbak Sanca's (unless otherwise stated)

Meet zipadeedoodah and Mbak Sanca, the two crazy owners of Flightless Birds. Cheers!


Hiiii, cute as a button every single one of you. I’m zipadeedoodah (you can call me Doodah) - immature, crazy and an extrovert. Snake lady on the other hand is quiet and likes to pour water on my face first thing in the morning… and at lunch. I like teasing Thea with meat because she’s vegetarian. I like drawing manga. I swear a lot, but I’m not going to swear here for Thea’s sake. I love One Direction, Paramore, Tonight Alive, Hey Monday, Switchfoot and Haley Reinhart. My music taste is pretty much messed up - I can like heavy metal to punk to jazz to pop. I love John Green! (I've fallen in love with Paper Towns and currently reading Will Grayson, Will Grayson)

One Direction FanFiction: zipadeedoodah

Tumblr: sleepless-daydreaming

Mbak Sanca

Hello, peeps! I am Mbak Sanca, the more mature and introverted of this duo. I’m… much younger than I seem (I’m a month older than Doodah). Don’t ask. Call me Thea, cause I refuse to be called Python or Sister/Miss/Snake Lady. Mbak means Sister/Miss, and Sanca means Python. Selamat datang! Bienvenue! Welcome! Like zipadeedoodah, I’m Indonesian. I apologize in advance for zipadeedoodah’s…. immatureness, No offense, Doodah. I also like to spill water on Doodah’s lap during lunch (but she does that too). I love musicals. Doodah can sing the most terrifying Castle on a Cloud cover I’ve ever heard. My music taste is weird. I hate rock and pop and everything like that, unless it’s older than me (or a Pentatonix cover). Say, I’ll like it if it’s twenty years old or so. But I love showtunes and things like that.

You can find me on FanFiction as Mbak Sanca (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/3921505/). I’ve also got a blog: mbaksanca.blogspot.com. As of January 25th 2014, Mbak Sanca too, has acquired a Tumblr, mbaksanca.tumblr.com. (I TALKED HER INTO MAKING A TUMBLR LOL -Doodah) (But I never use it anymore -Thea)

Flightless Birds (Thea is writing in bold, Doodah is in italics.)

So, Flightless Birds is a pretty depressing name, don’t you think? Doodah? Yeah okay I guess. Ehem. Right. Once upon a time, there were two girls. They bought thirty birds. They were delicious! No, we didn’t eat them. I’m vegetarian, don’t forget. Meh. We went to a park and released them. Because Doodah is kind-hearted and generous. Haha just kidding no you cannot have my food. I’m the kindhearted and generous one. ANYWAYS, we released the birds, isn’t that right? Yeah. And I said, “Doodah, there were only twenty-nine birds.” And I said, “You’re playing jokes, right? You’re lying.” because Thea has a habit of tricking me. Hey! The slingshot thing was hilarious! You also told me the plane back home from Surabaya is a tour plane and we have to stop in twelve different places in the country. Hilarious, Thea, hilarious. Note the sarcasm.

We’re digessing! Doodah asked me if I counted. I showed her one of the bags. There was still one bird there. I was thinking like, ‘what the hell? There’s a dead bird in there.’ But no, it’s not dead, it’s alive. We called her Hope. Hope died. Well, after like twenty minutes she died because apparently her muscle was showing and we just decided it’s better if she dies so she won’t feel pain again. *sniffles* Now, we still sometimes go to the park to release birds. There were two birds flying around freely in my room last week. I screamed. There was a bird flying around the dining hall a few weeks back.

I would like to justify our decision of not taking Hope to a vet--Hope was a lost case. She was dying already when we bought her. Drama Queen, much? Your mother told us the vets are obviously closed on a Sunday evening. And… she was done for. Nothing would have saved her. And Jakarta is horrible with vets. There was no nearby open vet. My dog was sick once and I thought the vet was a janitor. He had crooked teeth and wasn’t in a proper uniform, so… My puppy died because the vet couldn’t find the proper medicine. The wonders of the old vet suddenly quitting.

What now? Now? We write. We live. We go on, cause living in the past hurts. That was depressing. Onto the stories! Life is too short to be unhappy, people. Smile while you still have teeth. Live in the now, and all will be well. You can shut up now, Thea. Okay. I’ll shut up.

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