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Author has written 2 stories for Love, and Nature.

Life is way too short to worry about your past. Just know if you mess up a chapter in your book, don't try and remake it. Instead, start a new chapter.

Live the way you want and believe in what you want and never let anyone make you think any different. The one in control of your life is you.

"Courage isn't always a roaring flame. Instead, it can be that glowing ember that shines through the dark."

Name: Ksenia Rowanhilltree

Nicknames: Ksenia (Kuh-sen-yah), Senia, K, Ori

Age: 27

DOB: 12/25/90

Gender: Female.

About Myself:

My parents are my inspirations to be the GREATEST people that I have been blessed to have; that and they are very much wise that and should I ever have the opportunity of writing a debut novel, I have a HUGE number of people and supporters that would have to go in the acknowledgments, haha. I hope that you (the reader) enjoy my work and what I have to bring to the table. Feel free to message me. :) I don't bite.


The Nevarra Chronicles (original story.)

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I Listen (REWRITE!) reviews
This poem was written once already, but after reviewing it over, I had to take down the original and rewrite everything. I hope you guys enjoy and always remember to "listen" to your world around you... You may be surprised on what knowledge you can learn...
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It Must Be Love REWRITE!
This is actually an original love poem that I wrote a couple nights ago that was based off of some bottled up romantic feelings that I felt for a guy that I have known ever since middle school- it actually started out as a really long time crush that eventually turned into something...well into unknown territory. Rewritten and is going to have a sequel.
Poetry: Love - Rated: K - English - Poetry/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 277 - Published: 6/16/2017