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"Your profile has an introduction?" you may ask. Why yes, it does in fact. No, I am not intending to make a novel out of my profile. In fact, this is just an area where I can say: "Hi! This is me. I am a human being. And a very special human being at that. Talk to me!" and things of the like. With that said.

Hi! This is me. I am a human being. And a very special human being at that. Talk to me!

Name:Generally, I am called Monster, and it is my favorite nickname. However, there are a few people who call me Shade, because I had a character named Shade. O,o

Age:Okay, I'll say it. I'm in 10th grade.

Appearance:However you imagine me! :D Just don't make me look like a Sasquatch. Please. On a different note, I tend to drop little hints here and there very frequently, so putting it all together, I'm sure you could get a full blown image of me. x3 But we'll just ignore that right now.

Personality: *Open to interpretation* Who knows, I may be a jerk. Or I could be a really nice person. Or I could be an idiot. You could always talk to me, and I would be more than likely to spew out my self-perception at some point. Until then, please, make your own opinion.

Le 25 Things I Must State: (Man, I keep adding on to this list, don't I?)

#1. I'm a devoted Christian, and I take my faith seriously, thank you very much.

#2. You see that beautiful profile picture? Ya. I drew that. :3 JUST KIDDING! Actually, it was one of my previous avvies that I had drawn. This one I just found online.

#3. I'm totally vain, and love to talk about myself. Tell me if it gets too out of hand, please. -_-

#4. I love Constructive Criticism of all shapes, colors, and sizes. To both give to other people, and to receive. Give me ConCrit! :D

#5. I'm a roleplayer. Yep. You can find me on quite a few forums around FictionPress and FanFiction.

#6. I'd like to say I'm a grammar Nazi, but that's a total lie. More like, I'm against chat speak (except for lol and rofl), and I would prefer if you capitalize properly and add punctuation. Spelling mistakes are okay, as long as they aren't absurd. However, I hold myself to that standard more than I do others, so don't worry.

#7. I never cuss. I'm strictly against cussing for myself. I guess it doesn't really bother me if other people do, but I personally don't like to cuss. Therefore, cuss words are never mentioned in my stories, or anywhere else. For the record, the word "crap" does not count in my book.

#8. Sexual things make me uncomfortable. Therefore, I will timeskip anything of the sort in roleplay, and I shun mentioning it in my stories. This DOES bother me when other people talk about it, so I appreciate it if it wasn't mentioned around me... But whatever.

#9. My stories will never go above the T rating, and the T is mainly for violence.

#10. I'm rather morbid. I love writing violent stories with lots of blood and guts. Not sure why, I just do. Maybe because I like to write death scenes... O.o I don't even know...

#11. I'm not a really lovey-dovey person. I can't write lovey-dovey stuff, and I can't be lovey-dovey towards other people. I simply find it boring. =L Which is why I try to spice up romance roleplays... A little romance is okay, but stories and such completely dedicated to it is definitely not my thing.

#12. I really like stories about revenge. I just think that it's a great motivator for characters. Which is why most of my bad guys are after revenge.

#13. I think steampunk is cool. I'm not steampunk myself, but I just think old fashioned machines and stuff are SUPER cool. Which is why one of my characters is an inventor. :3

#14. I like dystopian novels, and a healthy dose of post-apocalyptic. Sometimes I'll read the occasional fantasy story as well, if I'm in the mood.

#15. I like sad books, but with happy endings. So basically, please kill off a ton of the characters and make people sad, but just make sure it's all for a greater purpose. x3 Like I said, I'm morbid.

#16. I don't cry often. Strangely enough, I rarely cry at things that usually make people cry. Like sadness, for instance. The one thing that makes me cry is extreme frustration, I'd say. Whether it's internal, or external.

#17. I used to struggle with depression, but now I don't. You want to talk about details, I guess you could send me a PM.

#18. I don't have much tolerance for pity-parties. If you want me to feel sorry for you, the most you're going to get is a tissue and a pep talk. .-. I'll listen to your problems and try to help, but I won't sympathize. O_o

#19. Algebra is a pain in the butt. 'Nuff said. *Update* I take that back. Geometry is worse. -_-

#20. Edgar Allen Poe is cool. I'm not emo or anything, I just love his poetry.

#21. I'm a poet. I love writing poetry, but I hate how everyone seems to think that poets are all depressed and stuff. O.o If you read my poems, you'll find that most of them address problems and then hope for getting through, not depressing sob-stories about my life. =P

#22. My most favoritest movie in the world is The Dark Knight. :D It's just so... So... *squeeeeee!*

#23. My dream job is to be a movie screenwriter. :D I used to just want to be a novelist, but now I'm actually starting to reconsider... And screenwriting is starting to look more and more appealing to me.

#24. I dream about zombies a lot. Not sure why I felt the need to say that, but it's true. XD Most people don't believe me when I tell them I'm a zombie slayer in my sleep. Haters gotta hate.

#25. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people say "there's" as in "there is" instead of "there are." If that makes sense. Like if someone is trying to say "there are 12 dogs" they say "there's 12 dogs." It's so annoying! Grr!

My Works:

The Definition of Lonely.
Not a story, but not poetry. I was a little confused where to put this one, as it is a little less than a genuine story. So I put it under fiction. Well, I guess it's my own definition of loneliness. =P Rated K. One-shot, thus complete.

Rainy Days.

Poem about the rain, and a brighter hope for tomorrow. :3 Rated K. One-shot, thus complete.


A modern day fantasy, about a girl who everyone thinks is crazy because she sees things no one else sees. Rated T. Multi-chapter, idea has been set aside for a later date.

Three Years Sailing.

The first, and only love poem I have ever written. Yes, even I have emotions. Rated K. One-shot, thus complete.

Chasing Shadows.

Poem about how we chase after all these useless things, but they never really seem to help us. Rated K. One-shot, thus complete.


A reinterpretation of the story of Pandora in Greek mythology. It's kind of put in more of a fantasy zone, and well, has a little different moral. Rated T (mostly just to be safe, as there is a little "violence" near the end.) One-shot, thus complete.

My Forums:

Just one, called "Pick a Plot Roleplay." You should check it out, it's pretty cool. :D Created to suit everyone's roleplaying needs.

Other Arts:

Check out my DeviantART account! :D

Random Quote:

"So they were forced to eat Sir Robin's minstrels. And there was much rejoicing." -Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail

Good day to you, sir.

-And the Monster Has Left the Building-

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