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Updates: From my view of importance XD Bolded means super important as well as being on top.

I AM CHALLENGING MYSELF TO A WRITE OFF! By October 10th there will be at least 15-20 chapter on all of my stories except the one shots. I better get cracking! :) Feed back will most certainly be helpful. PM me. Is that really Ty or is Phoenix just imagining it? Will May take Bens advice of wearing a red dress and will Christain come as well? Will Chase give Peytons book back? Like I said, PM me. I WANT TO KNOW what you guys think should happen.

9/24/12 -I will most likely lose this!!! XD Haven't even started...PM ME!! NEED IDEAS! Mwahahahaha.

Hello everyone! I'm really into reading and writing, and sometimes I really don't know what to do with my works. I'm told I have an awesome sense of imagination, I mostly get my ideas from other books I've read, fanfics, pictures, articles and other things. The books I read are mostly around the supernatural and romance catagory so I think most of my stories will be around that area. You might see others in other ones though. I have millions of abandoned works and stories as well as alive ones and I can't wait to share them with you!

My friend told me about but I'm not so much as a fanfic person. So let me tell you a little about myself...

State: Virginia, (Charlottesville), Real Name: Jessica, Personality: AWESOME and EPIC. Also: open and outgoing and nice. EPICLY FAIL A LOT. XD

Favorite Bands: The Wanted, Foster The People. Favorite books: A LOT XD, Favorite Subject: L.A, (obviously), Favorite subject to write: Romance (Blarg). Or anything along those lines like Action/Romance. Gotta have romance or I'll die for obvious reasons. Right now I'm addicted to romance novels and such. Don't ask...just don't XD. Favorite football team: Eagles. Although my stepdad is a Dolphin fan so I'm forced to root for them since they suck, either that or I feel sorry for him and just need to give him some comfort...since they suck XD. Favorite food: Shrimp. Favorite color: light green. Favorite emocons: XD and -.- . Favorite IM's: Worrible and Lovey Bear. Long live childhood friends! Favorite phrase: Excusmewah. I use it...a fact almost everyday. Best friends: Erin and Maygan. Favorite animal: muskrat Pets?: OMG. Got a boatfull of them. Six pets. Don't even ask. My mom is against animal cruelity.

I plan to post previews of some ideas here too and or preveiws of chapters from my series as well. (Updates posted on top.)

Also people who reveiw my stories and give advice I'll try to PM you when new chapters or a new story comes out. (It probably already notifys you but I just want to make sure anyway.) If you do not want any updates please let me know somehow. Thanks!


Random quotes (shortened title XD):

These quotes have stories behind them. If you don't get them I'll try to explain it to you if you PM me...thats if you want to know XD.

"I come with serverly depleted mental powers"

"Stop yelling. You're annoying my ears"

"I thaught I dun pooped mai pants"

"Try some of my organic gummy bears. They taste like shit"

"Did you know that if you get a cut or scrape the blood"

"The P.E teachers suck at trying to do the mini olympics. They left out U.S.A"

"The more you know, the more you don't do anything stupid"


"The mermaid will bite your head off"

"One big bad mamajama"

"You're new name is Seri, you know the phone? Cause your so knowledgable"

"We're not classified as sucky, we're classified as not-so-special."

"Dora is weird, she doesn't know no one is talking to her"

"FYI, that's not classified as gay"

"Nya-Nya-Nya-Nya-Nya-Nyan Cat."

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