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Hey guys! My name's Elizabeth, but in messages and reviews if you mention me you may call me Liz! This is my first shared account on and my first account shared or not. However I have written stories online before, and LAL is my favorite subject so hopefully my chapters will be just as good as Nicole's! I will be posting chapters whenever I can during the summer, and during the school year I will be posting a chapter every other week. Just telling you guys ahead of time I am really forgetful when it comes to placing comas and the Y button on my computer is hard to push, so if you see any missing Ys or comas please forgive me! my favorite thing to do is go to swim team practice because even though the coaches scream at us like we can't hear them and the warm ups leave us lazy, tired and grumpy, it all pas off when your with your swim family and when you get first place! Nicole is probably the best friend anyone could ask for and has no problem staying up till 4:00am texting me about the stupidest stuff! The great thing about Nicole is that I can relate to her and she always, always understands me!


Hey everyone! I'm Nicole. I have a account where I have written 11 stories (I will post the link below) and really enjoy writing. Like Elizabeth, my favorite subject is LAL/Reading/English. I will post chapters everyother weekend, and during the sumer and throughout the school year. Just a warning that during the school year I will not have as much time as I do in the summer. I LOVE to dance! I am very passionate about it and it is my dream to become a professsional (I am working on that :) ). I am also VERY stubborn and don't take shit from anyone.

Liz and I are best friends and plan to stay that way! We seriously text ALL day long and NEVER run out of things to say! She has always been there for me and helped me through A LOT of things! She is the best! :)

My most favorite saying is "Behind every person's favorite song, is an untold story." I can realate to it very easily. When my friends ask me"Why do you listen to this instead of those pop songs that are on the radio today. Why do you listen to older songs?" My response is "Because I like them." But really, there is an untold story... a secret.

Elizabeth is the only person that I trust to keep my secrets safe and never told to another soul.

Link to my stories/profile on


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