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Hi. I'm Anima. Okay, so nothing much yet, but I'm sure once I get the first few chapters up, I'll have something interesting. Maybe I should say something about my story so it's easier to understand what's going on.

Sol (23): A thief who has no memory of her childhood previous to being found in a patch of burnt grass in the North District of Angati. She has a temper and is rather fond of trying to kill the High Priest's apprentice and a Dragon Nevgin named Aquan.

Argentum (20-ish. It's hard to tell with him): A bit of an enigma, he can be rather violent when Adrian takes him out drinking. When he hasn't been out all night with Adrian, he's rather sullen and is described to be 'lost' and 'looking for someone'.

Adrian (22): A Skinwalker merchant and Argentum's best(only) friend. He tries - and mostly fails - at cheering his friend up. Even if the methods are extreme, he means well.

Aquan(19): The High Priest's apprentice and a Nevgin that can become a Dragon. He's rather small for his animal type when transformed, but his abilities can make up for that. He can find anyone he's emotionally close to and can read minds/see memories of the people he touches. If he touches another Nevgin, they leave a burn scar. Sol's memories are so intense that he actually feels the pain and fire, and he has a Dragon scar on his left shoulder where he was touched by the person who had revealed his true nature. A bit slow, mentally, but a good and loyal friend to the future queen, Crowned Princess Athiea.

Athiea (20): Crowned Princess of Angati. She's even slower at understanding things than Aquan, and this also causes much trouble for her, such as setting the drapes in the dining hall on fire. She's not the bravest and has a tendency to become ill easily, so everyone in the palace worries about her health.

Theia (19): Athiea's sister, she was exiled shortly after the death of their father the king. Their mother died just days after giving birth to her. She's demanding and harbors a great deal of hate towards her family, mostly her father and sister, and wants revenge for her exile. The only person she's civil towards is Blesse.

Blesse (19): All his life he's known of having a twin brother that was taken from his family, but he doesn't remember who or why. When he met Theia when they were 12, he felt sorry for her and let her travel with his family. In the last two years they left the clan and began raiding Angati's Eastern borders.

Now for some vocabulary! *rolls eyes* Yay!

Nevgin - A person blessed by Dragon and Phoenix that can turn into an animal at any time. They can be any animal, but there has never been a Phoenix. There are Dragons, but none as big as Dragon himself. The others are considered to be the stars and Dragon being the moon.

Skinwalkers - Nomads that live outside Angati. Their eyes are almost always violet, the color of the god Chaos. There are no known accounts of any of the Skinwalkers to have a Nevgin born in their tribes. Lately, they have worked as merchants and many have settled into their own villages.

Heck, why not a geography lesson, too? -edited because I screwed it up the first (and second) time-

Angati: a small, circular nation bordering one of three countries to one side -Clen Tra'avis- and the "Wild Country" to the North, East, and South. It has several rivers flowing from the heart of the capital to the South, Northwest, and Northeast rivers being their biggest trade routes to its neighbors. The rivers effectively divide the country into its different regions, farmlands in the North, mining to the West, forestry in the East, and the South of both East and West is the major trade center, including most of the capital city, because the fish from the Southern-most country comes through that region first. As a rule, they don't marry outside of the country.

The "Wild Country": mostly desert that surrounds most of Angati. It is the home of the Skinwalker nomads who also have some towns set up from several families settling down in one place. It is also where people of the other countries are exiled.

Gingaven: one of the Western countries that is to the North. It has mountains in the North that continue running to the East, the Bevili River running through a narrow pass that leads South to Clestonia, the capital of Angati, where it meets with the An River to form the Afton River that keeps going South between Clen Tra'avis and Enlima and forms a delta. The people tend to have red hair and green eyes.

Clen Tra'avis: the sole country in the West that borders Angati. It's mostly a plains country that shares the Afton River with its neighbor Enlima, possessing five of the tributaries of the Afton Delta, which are rather swampy, but this is where the country gets most of its fuel for lamps. The people of Clen Tra'avis are craftsmen and tend to have auburn hair and grey eyes.

Enlima: the Southern-most country that has the rest of the Afton Delta tributaries. It's mostly a fishing country with forestry and farming villages farther North. Unlike the capitals of Clen Tra'avis, Angati, and Gingaven, Enlima's capital, Sebli, is along the coast and it's largest fishing city. The people tend to have black hair and brown eyes.

Isle of Draco: an island located South of Clen Tra'avis where the dragon Nevgin travel to during the winters. It is sacred to the Beings Ignis, Oceana, and Dragon, created before the existence of humans.

Okay, here's a bit of info in my other story.

Vampyre Weapons

Divyne Beings -

Vampyre: Melanie

Demon: Shara

Elf: Tacita

Werewolf: Selene

Human: Gidda

The Demons in this case are based off demons that are found in works like InuYasha where the Demons have animal qualities. There are six different Demon types:







Then there are three different types of Elves:




A special thing I've done with this is that at 16, everyone develops a Mate Scent. Humans are the only ones who can't smell it, so they must wait until at least 21 before they can marry so their potential mate -if from another Race- has had time to find them in their Wanderings.

And here's a list of songs I've chosen for some of the Characters.

Anima: God is a Girl (Nightcore)

Eri: Angel With a Shotgun (Nightcore)

Nika: Once Upon a December (Nightcore)

Miya: You'll be in My Heart (Celtic Woman)

Diana: Cruella DeVil (Nightcore)

Dameon: Be Prepared

Damon: My Lullaby

Archangelo: In the Dark of the Night

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