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Angie Kagamine (My FanFiction.Net/FictionPress account)

Anywho, about me IN REAL LIFE!! :D

First Name: Angie

Last Name: You think I was gonna tell you that STALKERS?!

Age: 13

Gender: Female, dur! :P

Personality: I'm friendly, but I get angry easily (I'm getting better! I swear!), I love to talk, and I go obsessive about Vocaloid (At the moment, hence, my pen name), I love to be silly! Oh, btw Len Kagamine is my favorite character!

Appearance: Dark brown (almost black) straight hair that I don't brush to often, hazel brown eyes, and freckles. I have pale skin, and I love wearing yellow, or blue (If you know me on FFN, you'd know why! XD).

Le gasp!* I feel like I just put a character bio, minus the bio! 8P.


Name: Rin Kagamine (You can call me Rin)

Age: 14

Appearance: Google me. :P

Personality: HYPER!!! Yet easily angered, and when angered it gets ugly.

Bio: Again, google me.

Len Kagamine is my character's twin and that account is also my friend's account.

More updates on my profile soon. I'm too lazy and I gotta write my stories. :P

Yes, I deleted my "Truth or Dare... Or is it?" story. It was really crappy and I had no way to go on. Yup. Dead end.

Update: February 17, 2013

Hey guys! Sorry I've been gone so long. My computer crashed and I was really busy and at a depression stage. XP I deleted my stories since the grammar is terrible and they suck... Plus I've gotten new stories in mind that I will write! :D Anyways, I've been really active on FanFiction.Net so you can find me there by the same name. :)

My accounts:

http://www.fanfiction.net/u/3994700/ -Angie Kagamine (FanFiction.Net)

(xXTeamKagamineXx) (deviantART)

MarioBros2/Rin Kagamine (Super Mario Boards)

www.rin.mysmf.com (Rin Kagamine) (Rin Kagamine Forums - Forum owned by me)

NicoNicoDouga: Tsuki Nijine

Update: February 24, 2013

I've got a new idea for a series that's name is still pending (I think I will call it "School City Adventures"), based on some of the events in this RP:


Between some of my friends there and I.

I am going to request special permission for usage of my friends' characters, but here are a few of mine.

Disclaimer: Some of these characters MAY SEEM CANON FROM OTHER FANDOMS, however, each and every one of said characters have their own little twist on them, whether it be backstories, species, and whatnot.

Angie Kagamine:

Rin Kagamine (Based on Vocaloid, she is what is called an "Angel Neko", which means she is part angel, part cat, and can transform into a cat, but didn't know it at first, they also have a secret ability which won't quite be revealed yet)

Len Kagamine (Based on Vocaloid, Angel Neko, with same abilities as Rin)

Lexi White (Neko, based on no series whatsoever, she is my own personal character)

Alexis and Joseph White (Twin preemie Neko babies, Lexi's kids)

Miku Hatsune (Based on Vocaloid, but she has a twist which will be revealed later on, but she is not totally canon)

Riley Kagamine (Based on the Story of Evil songs, Daughter of Evil, Servant of Evil, and Regret Message, performed by Rin and Len. She is also brought to life by an ability, also a Neko)

Liam Kagamine (Neko, based on the same 3 Story of Evil songs)

Tsuki Nijine (My own personal character, she is also my alias on some sites such as NicoNicoDouga)

And I am currently asking for permission to use other characters before I start writing.

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