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About Me:

My name's Megan :)

I was born July 27...Go Leos!!!! RAWR!

I'm 23...finally out of college! WOOHOO!

I love to write and read (I have over 500 books...mostly all romance! Heehee)

I have a dog named Pepper...she's my baby :)

I love movies, espeically comedy and horror.

I hate seafood.

About My Stories:

I like to write stories that interest me (that's why I don't want to write academic papers or newspaper articles...way too boring lol). I'm very self conscious of my writing and it's kinda hard for me to let people read my work but I'm finally getting out of my shell and getting on this website. I'm excited to see what everyone says and hope everyone enjoys what I write. :)

Dates for my chapters will be tentative so you can look on here to see when I'll upload the next one...any questions or concerns, you can pm me or comment. Please enjoy my world!

Here's a little about my Divine Guardian stories...though it doesn't sound like it, they will be paranormal romance stories. :)

There was a time when the Heavens and scours of Hell were in a wicked battle of good and evil. Guardian angels versus demons, star maidens versus imps and so on and so forth until both sides had lost nearly all. The Court of Eden, saddened by the loss of their people, created a new race of guardians, ones that would be the embodiment of their spirits and the powers of Mother Earth. The Divine Guardians, as the Court of Eden proclaimed them, began ridding the heavens and Earth of the evil powers, sending them scurrying back into the netherworld. Samael, the king of Hell, was outraged that the Court of Eden had created these beings and had vanquished his minions back to Hell. He decided to create a dark army, one made of a new breed of his strongest minions. He retrieved Succubae and Incubi to bed the demons, creating a hybrid which he named, the Daēva. Many millennia have passed on Earth and now most of the human race has forgotten about the immortal ones. With the battle raging on, how will the Divine Guardians rise above the Daēva while keeping their lives, and those of their people, a secret?

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