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Hey guys! I've decided to write on my profile so anyone who checks it out at least knows a little bit about me (lol).

Anyway, I love anything with supernatural or sci-fi elements.

If you do read my stories, you may get pissed at me because I love using cliffhangers. My penname even used to be CliffhangerGenius. You've been warned...

My favorite books are the Hunger Games, Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus, and the Maze Runner trilogy. I also don't mind the Mortal Instruments.

I don't tell anyone but my family and best friend that I write. But I don't mind sharing with strangers since there the ones who are gonna be most honest.

My favorite color is red, I'm really sarcastic, and don't get along with a lot of people. So if you don't attack me on Fictionpress/Fanfiction, we won't have a problem.

And last but not least, I am really desperate for some genuine reviews from you readers. I like to check out my reviewer's stories and so on. And now that you know a little about me, I hope you feel more inclined to read and review my stories. Peace Out $$$


I've decided to reboot myself. I've deleted all my stories and restart from the ground up. I think I never took this site seriously but if I want reviewers, I'm gonna have to earn it. Special shout-out to SebbyNinja666 who was my first reviewer and friend on this site. So anyway, I hope you enjoy my new stories and review the crap out of them (okay, that was weird...). Peace Out!


Quest for Identity: Like myself, I've decided to have my characters question their lives and who they can become. I think it's a great way to see your characters grow and reach for something in their life. You'll see this theme pop up a lot.

Updated Penname: BloodWillSpill

This will be my alter ego as I write darker, supernatural stories. I'm trying this name out and I'll see if it holds :)

By the way, when I post something by my alter ego,it will have the bloody handprint. If its just a normal story by JL, it will have a true blood wallpaper. Until next time!

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Nicola wants revenge for the massacre of her family and she's determined to get it. The only problem? The thing she's after isn't exactly easy to kill. Let's not mention the sinfully good-looking vamp she's got as a guardian angel, or the lustful demon who can't seem to stay away. Who needs fairytales when you've got monsters? WARNING; Sex, blood and messy love triangles.
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The Devil's Silence reviews
Ever since her mother was killed, Jenna D'Angelo has been under the wing of a demon called the Magister, residing in an invisible manor with supernatural servants. Her only condition: harness her power to control supernatural creatures with the sound of her voice. But when a band of demon hunters kidnap Jenna, together they must unravel the arcane plot pulled by the Magister.
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In a magical underworld populated by fairy tale characters, and ruled by a tyrannical queen, happy endings are hard to come by. Newly wed Cinderella thinks she's living her happily ever after. But if that were true, why did her Prince Charming try to rape her? By chance, she stumbles onto the doorstep of the Femme Fatalities, a group of women who fight for happy endings.
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