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'Real Life' is for the people who are afraid to embrace their imagination. -Kate E. Fries

Hi, I'm Kate (Call me Katie), and I came up with that little quote up there (Oh, and my last name is Not 'Fries' as in french fries, my name is pronounced 'Freeze', I don't know why it's like that, but it is, and you have no idea how irritating it is to constantly hear it mispronounced. Anyway) because I believe 'The Real World' would be much more interesting if people let there imaginations flow, but since that's not the world we live in I have another little quote that describes me:

I live in Wisconsin, but I spend ALL my time inside my head. -Kate E. Fries

I mean that literally, I seriously spend ALL my time inside my head (and it drives my mom nuts), if I'm not Day-Dreaming, I'm jotting down ideas that pop into my head. So -as you've probably figured out- I want to be writer, and I've recently shared that little fact with my mother, I believe the first words she said -more to herself then me, but, still- were: Explains alot.
I'm still unsure of how I should take that.
Afterwards she asked me a few more questions, and then she pointed out a few key points my mind had failed to think of in all it's chaotic glory (I'm not good at thinking of small -but equally important- details), one of those key points were 'How was I going to get published?' And I'll admit, to that, I did not have an answer. So, that would be one of the reasons I am on this lovely site (I figured I'd post some stuff on here to see if people will actually like what I write -and I deeply hope you do, because I truly enjoy writing and it would be amazing if other people enjoyed my writing as well) I figure I'll worry about publishing books after I make sure I should be trying to publish books. The other reason I'm on here is because I also love reading, and this seems like the perfect place to find new reading material.
Now, on with my profile!

Name: Katie. Middle Name: Elizabeth.

Gender: Female (obviously). Birthday: November 28th

Favorite Colors: Blue, Purple, and Green. Favorite Animals: Timber/Arctic Wolf, Bengal Tiger, Dogs, and Cats.

Favorite Bands/Singers: Evanescence, Pistol Annies, The Band Perry, Selena and The Scene, Carly Rae Jepsen, Demi Lovato,
Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift.

Favorite Songs For Favorite Singers (in the same order as Fave bands/singers): My Tourniquet. Hell on Heels. Double Hearts.
My Rock God. Tug of War. Every time You Lie. Blown Away. Haunted.

My Books:


Music To My Ears. [Chapter One]

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Well, this just the intro, but this is going to be a fun story. My character's name is Rose, everyone else knows her as Blood-Rose or the Rose of death because she has taken the soul's of the dead or caused the death of those who are going to be sent to hell. She is the last thing those poor unfortunate souls see before they are sent to hell.
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