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I've gone by many names in the past, and perhaps the only one that matters now is Dark Oracle.

Writing here has taught me a lot of things both in terms of improving my skills and in how I view life. When you hear that sappy quote about the story not being about the end of the road, but the journey, it really is true.

Sure, we might lose a lot of friends on the way. It hurts. The world's a cruel place, it'll come at you with its pants down. So it's up to you to kick it in the teeth and forge your own path. But it's also a beautiful place. The towering trees around us, the grand lakes of mud below us, and perhaps even the stars above that guide our way. A light, perhaps just the smallest spark of hope, is all that we need to wonder again.

My name is Sasha Lovett, and I hope you enjoy your stay.

Just remember to kick back and savor it, because you'll never know where my tales might lead you.

Whether it be to the icy peaks of Everyn or to the depths of the Gulch, I can guarantee you'll find something.

Heroes, villains, saviors, conquerors, all of them here. Like I said, it doesn't matter how it ends, it's how it gets there that really matters.

Read on, and never let that spark of wonder disappear.

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Unto Sleep reviews
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When a clan of adventurers on vacation come across a severely wounded bounty hunter, they quickly find themselves caught in a deadly game of cat and mouse against a brutal and sadistic assassin. Left with nothing but their skills and wits in the wintery mountains, the group must overcome their predatory adversary or become the trophy of their hunter.
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When Olivia "Sparrow" Abell is dragged into the nightmarish dream realm of Somnus by the enigmatic Dark Oracle, she is suddenly forced into a world of terrifying creatures, fighting desperately through it to not only escape to the waking world, but to save the entire realm as well from a menacing entity that threatens to destroy reality.
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