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Randomness About Me:

Gender: Female

Meaning of Username: A reference to one of my favorite songs, DIAURA's Enigma

Country of Birth: Romania

Date of Birth: December 19

Astrological Sign: Sagittarius

Languages I Know:

- native: Romanian

- fluent: English

- intermediate: French, Japanese

- can-understand-but-can't-speak-for-the-life-of-me: German, Italian, Spanish, Hindi

Things I write: I write oneshots and multi-chapter stories because I am more of a prose girl, but I also write poetry if I feel like it.

Favorite bands/musical artists: I listen to a lot of different types of music, but I tend to gravitate towards traditional instrumental music (mainly Celtic and Viking), Pagan metal, and Visual Kei. With the disbandments of DIV and MALISEND, DIAURA, Nocturnal Bloodlust and AVANCHICK are basically my unholy trinity at this point. I also listen to some MEJIBRAY, Royz, RIBELIO and Synk;yet on the side.

Completed Stories

((Just clearing this up: actual stories, not poems or my ramble-y oneshots.))


About This Story: I basically went all Twilight on this thing. What I mean is that the idea for this came to me in a dream. I know it needs a lot of re-writing, but I worked with what I had at the time. Anyhow, this one serves as the basis for both Deals With Death and Derringer. See below.

Upcoming Stories


Summary: After fleeing the terrorist group that raised her, the girl wasn't sure what to do. She didn't even know who she was - she never had a name, only a number.

About This Story: Basically, this is another one on which I went all Twilight. To put it simply, I dreamed I was escaping a top-security facility or something of the type, having stolen an item that was apparently important to the facility in question. Important enough they actually sent someone to take me down and get it back. Then again, I had a lot of dreams in which I was committing various crimes at the time this went down. I mean, I also dreamed I was had stolen something and, to avoid being caught, I ran away and found myself in fucking Albania. Long story short, tho, this thing was born. Besides, I've been wanting to write something dealing with identity issues for a long, long time.

A Crazy Story: Lost In Romania

Summary: Tabitha Bauer had always known her parents were a special type of eccentric. What she didn't know, however, was that they would go as far as sending her on an exchange program to the home country of Count Dracula. Now stuck in Romania with a class full of misfits, can Tab make it back home alive and sane?

About This Story: This plot bunny started hopping around in my head because of something I had to write for class. You see, about a year or so ago, we learned about a short story named Balta-Albă, by Vasile Alecsandri, in which an unnamed French painter goes on a trip to Asia as it was popular to do at the time (the 1800s). Along the way he keeps hearing about this place called Wallachia - which he thinks is inhabited by brainless savage beasts - and he decides to stop by. As he does, he discovers that the place is inhabited by nice, generous people. From the French consul in Brăila, he hears about the titular place and thinks how about to visit it. And he does, which leads to all kinds of strange situations. By the end, the poor dude is still not sure if the people inhabiting Wallachia are civilized or still stuck in the Middle Ages. The story is fun to read and if you ever find it outside Romania (which I highly doubt), I recommend you give it a try. Anyway, our Language and Literature teacher had us write a fictional letter in which we explain to this guy the differences between Wallachia of his time and present-day Romania. As a result, I started to have this idea of an American transfer student coming to Romania and getting a massive culture shock.

Anime Abduction

Summary: Like all popular anime, Elemental Star, based on the manga with the same name by Amy Kawada, gets an English dub. Everything is looking good, until various characters start disappearing in mysterious circumstances. It's up to Misora Suzume to team up with the fans and Amy and save her anime from obliteration.

About This Story: This one is mostly based on Elemental Star (see below) and too much 'what if 4kids got anime X' scenarios. Unlike Elemental Star, which revolves around a Water elemental named Mizuyama Kairi, this is a Suzume-centric spin-off. While fleshing out the plot for Elemental Star, I liked Suzume's character a lot and I really wanted her to have her own story.

A Place For You To Belong

Summary: A story about a mother, a daughter and the circle of life.

About This Story: Basically, this plot bunny started hopping around in my head as I was listening to Nocturnal Bloodlust's Libra-another scene- (the acoustic version of their song Libra). The story very much revolves around a woman who reflects on the relationship between herself, her mother and her daughter.

The Contest

Summary: Resident troublemaker Heather Lowe and her shiny-new friends Tracy Flynn, Megan Tanner and Sarah Ross want to sign up for the school's upcoming Battle of the Bands. What can possibly go wrong? Well, everything.

About This Story: This was very much my very first novel idea ever. I first thought it up when I was about 12 and going through my emo-tastic phase where I listened to too much Linkin Park and Evanescence. Well, I still listen to those two bands, albeit not as much, but I don't make my weirdness the center of my overall personality anymore*. At least, I like to think so. Yeah. Well, the plot of the story as it was at the time involved a gal who dragged her friends along willy-nilly to participate to a band contest. However, the idea got shoved in the trashcan as I focused on what would become Lilia (see below). I only picked it up again after two years, when I had freshly discovered Visual Kei and was amazed by anything about it. Blah, blah, blah, a couple of years rolled around, then this merged with another idea of mine, namely The Visual Kei Club, a Breakfast Club-esque story about four VK fangirls who meet in detention. Thus, this was born.

*((Me at 13: I'm so misunderstood! I listen to Linkin Park and Evanescence!

Me today: *listening to Nocturnal Bloodlust's Malice Against* Bitch, please.))

Deals With Death

Summary: After working under Death for nearly a decade, Zachary Norman's freedom is now in sight. The last addition to his Kill List, however, makes him question if it's really worth it.

About This Story: This is the first story idea Ghost spawned as of yet. Basically, Zach tasked to kill an eight-year old girl named Sarah. He can't bring himself to do it (then again, who would?), and the plot just snowballs from there. The story is also inspired by Black Gene for the Next Scene's song Uragaeri, though not as much.


Summary: He was the only one who loved her, the only one who understood her. And she wanted to be with him forever. No matter what it took.

((This is probably the lamest summary ever.))

About This Story: This is the second story that was spawned by Ghost (with Deals With Death being the first). Inspiration is also being drawn from the DaizyStripper song with the same title, as well as Valluna's Ghost (which is probably the reason why I had the dream that I had in the first place) and Nega's Fable in the Cold Bed, especially the latter. The plot is pretty straightforward: a lonely, depressed woman falls in love with a cynical, bored and equally lonely ghost. Basically, Counting Goats recycled in space. Now, I know this is probably not the most kr8iv thing I've ever come up with, but...yeah.

Elemental Star

Summary: In a world where elemental powers are not a thing of fantasy, danger lurks just around the corner. Water Elemental Mizuyama Kairi finds this out the hard way, when a bloodied Yumi Sekiyoku shows up at her door.

About This Story: In the Anime Abduction universe, Elemental Star is a seinen manga by Amy Kawada. It revolves around people with elemental powers basically (God, I need to stop using the word "basically") going on a full-out racism-driven war. The plot for this was inspired by another idea of mine involving element-based magical girls. A couple of years rolled around, and this idea changed dramatically under the influence of copious amounts of Elfen Lied and, as of late, Tokyo Ghoul. I can't say I regret anything, tho.

The Governor or "Divided We Stand, United We Fall"

Summary: All the countries on Earth are united under a single ruler. With instability rising and dissident movements popping up everywhere, all it takes is a major revolt to fan the flames and break the fragile alliance. Amidst all this, French governor Rene Delacroix' life becomes a walk on a tightrope, and he must stay ever aware of the fact that his slightest wrong movement can send him and all his loved ones plummeting into an abyss of violence, bloodshed and death.

About This Story: This one started out from a similar place as Counting Goats did - its life began as a fanfic. Then, I combined it with an original story I had which featured a fighter in the French Resistance during good 'ole WW2. WW2 novels had already been done to death, and the fanfic features so many darned OCs I might as well be writing an original story. Besides, I had Rene's character in mind for a long time and I just couldn't let him go to waste. He's way too awesome (at least, in my opinion). My other source of inspiration comes from DIAURA's music. These people create some really wonderful political songs, so I though it wouldn't hurt if I reference said songs in my writing.

Also, I was wondering one day: why do we always see planets that are politically unified everywhere we look in fiction? We puny earthlings have a whole bunch of countries, so why wouldn't they? Furthermore, what would happen if Earth was unified? All hell would break lose, that's fo sho.

The Hollows

Summary: Claire is a young girl with a secret: she feeds on people's emotions. Literally. In order to keep from being caught, the girl runs away and, thus, meets Amara, a mysterious woman who shares the same secret, and things get chaotic.

((This is probably the lamest summary ever #2, but at least I tried.))

About This Story: I think this one's kinda lame. It's like Tokyo Ghoul except without the flesh-eating. Then again, it was just me trying to find an analogy for my random emotional disconnection and the weird suicidal thoughts I've been having. As you can see...it didn't really go well.

If I Can't Be Yours

Summary: Namikawa Souichiro, also known as Shizuo, is just a Visual Kei singer who is extremely tired of his life. He thinks how about to end it all, but a nice actress named Ela ain't about to let that happen.

About This Story: Aaand another story about bands. This one basically came from me just going all Fifty Shades of Grey on a fanfic idea I've been having (by which I mean turning said fanfic into an original story). The fanfic was inspired mostly by the songs of Japanese Visual Kei band MEJIBRAY (hell, even the title is a reference to one of said songs, namely DECADANCE...Counting Goats...If I Can't Be Yours). I kept wanting to write it down, but then I stumbled across Shiree McCarver's Visual Kei Rock Star and I said "Heyyyyy, why waste my time with a fanfic when this can easily be turned into an original story?". And that's exactly what happened. To be honest, I like it more this way. I like Souichiro and Ela more as characters than their fanfic counterparts. But that's just me.


Summary: British vampire hunter extraordinaire Noah Baxter has been close friends with his Russian co-worker Lilia Matveeva, but when it turns out Lilia has a secret that might just destroy them both, what will Noah do?

About This Story: This was originally a ghost hunters story. And a bad one at that. UGH! (Can you blame me, tho? I was 13.) Then, I started watching Vampire Knight, and I later learned about the Twilight craze. So, I started wondering to myself: there are so many vampire stories, but not so many vampire hunters stories. Aaaand... this was born. Most of this is inspired by the Visual Kei band Royz, particularly their songs LILIA (duh) and NOAH (double duh).

Lost Heaven

Summary: After the king is overthrown and the country of Khaen falls into chaos, young Aishia Al-Rasheed is left all alone to protect her five younger siblings. Or maybe she isn't so alone after all?

About This Story: This idea first came to me when I received a scarf as a present and used it as a makeshift hijab of sorts. Sure, it was immature of me, but whatever. Anyways, with the thing on my head, I started acting out bits and pieces of dialogue. As a result, this was born. The story was also inspired in part by DIAURA's tousakushou RESISTANCE and The abyss.

Lost Wings

Summary: "They ruined our country, and now they're coming for yours." Guinevere Dabney had been told that these people were in need of shelter, but after everything that happened, she wasn't so sure.

About This Story: As you've probably noticed, this is a Lost Heaven prequel/spin-off/thing. I'll confess that I only came up with this one because I kept hearing about the Muslim refugee controversy. I know we shouldn't deny help to those truly in need of it, but after all that's been happening in Europe (especially Köln), I'm not so sure anymore. Tolerance is a two-way street. Either you at least try to leave in peace with the people who want to, y'know, help you, or you GTFO.

Part of the Family

Summary: After her family's separation, a troubled girl named Aiko searches for her father.

About This Story: This is a Counting Goats sequel thing. Like the summary says, after her parents divorce, Aiko searches for her dad, who is a Visual Kei musician. I don't know whether said dad is going to be Souichiro or not (it probably won't be Souichiro) but oh well. I shall see.


Summary: Unable to ever find a place to call home, both mother and son went on wearing a fool's smile day after day to try to fit into this twisted world.

((Fail summary, I know.))

About this story: Super-fun guessing time! What do you get when you cross a bored me with random AVANCHICK songs and an empty WordPad document? Spoiler alert: it ain't pretty. Basically, this is a story that alternates viewpoints between a woman trapped in an abusive marriage, and her son who, years down the line, finds himself similarly caught in a relationship full of lies and emotional torment. Much of the story is based on AVANCHICK's hitorigoto (for the mom. Also gives the title of the story.) and Phantom (for the son), but other songs by the band are thrown into the mix as well.


Summary: In a universe governed by so many rules, it’s hard to believe only human life happens at random. That is why Pisces native Alice Wright signs up for astrology classes, where she meets Sagittarius Valerie McKenzie, Scorpio Marianne Douglas, Gemini Holly Mercer and Capricorn Jade Hamilton. What can go wrong? Everything, actually.

About This Story: This one was what served as a basis for Zodiac Guardians. In Stargazers, Alice falls in love with a guy named Trevor. They are compatible - he's a Cancer - so she thinks they have a smooth ride ahead. Unfortunately, it turns out Trevor is the dude who dated and mercilessly dumped both Rachel and Valerie, and this causes the two to go full Charlie's Angels on his ass in an attempt to save poor Alice. And that's not even spoiling anything yet. I'm planning to either have this as a slice-of-life Zodiac Guardians spin-off or to save it as a plot-line. However, I think the latter option would over-complicate things and besides, Guardian Scorpio is a straight dude so...yeah.


Summary: After a horrific incident, there was nothing left for him to do except try and fail to put back the pieces of his shattered life.

About This Story: This is... I don't even know how to describe it properly. It more or less began its life as a stand-alone excuse for me to dump physical and emotional pain onto some random unfortunate character. I'll try anyway, though: essentially, Stigma revolves around a guy (that I can't seem to come up with a good enough name for) who lived his childhood, teenage years and part of his young adult life terrorizing everybody and being an overall jackass. When he hits 24 and finally realizes how horrible he's been, he crashes into depression and self-loathing and vows to atone for everything he's done. There is one problem, however. Everyone around him simply despises his very existence (surprise, surprise!). Only one woman, 22 year old Amy Collins, decides to give him a chance and let him into her life. Fast-forward to one and a half years later, and everything is starting to get better. That is, until the guy just disappears without a trace. Not of his own volition, at that. And with this, the story begins.

Troll Diaries

Summary: After spending a good few hours reading bad fanfic, Keith Sanders and Amber Lowe set out to write "the worst novel ever".

About This Story: This one is based upon wild mass guesses that Tara Gilesbie is a troll, and that she and Stephenie Meyer are the same person.

Untitled #1

Summary: Abigail Sanders is a devout Christian teen who believes in God with all her heart. Unfortunately for her, that entices the sneers and disproval of her schoolmates and turns her into an outright bully magnet. When all seems hopeless, help comes from an unexpected source: Iris Kerrigan, the school’s resident Wiccan. As their friendship grows, can the two reconcile their different faiths, or will said faiths drive them apart?

About This Story: I basically got the plot bunny for this one because of one of my weirdest ideas for a magical girl show as of yet: magical girls based of off religions. Not only is that just ludicrous, but I think it's been actually done before. So, I overhauled the whole plot to make the story more of a slice of life. I was planning to have the entire original cast still in place, but I decided to limit myself to Abigail and Iris because Christianity and Wicca are the two religions I'm most familiar with.

Untitled #2

Summary: While in class, several girls discover they have been given magical powers to save the school from bullies.

About This Story: This is probably failchop smothered in lame sauce, but I'm still putting this out there because reasons. Anyway, the plot of this one involves magical girls with powers based off of school subjects. Don't ask. I was just looking for an excuse to use "plot hammer" as an attack name.

Untitled #3

Summary: Greek mythology... with a twist. Join a ragtag bunch of misfit teenagers with magical powers as they run around ancient Greece, saving it from supernatural threats.

About This Story: A side idea from Zodiac Guardians that somehow got itself turned into an entire story. Though others also appear, it mainly revolves around Ares, Hephaistos, Hermes, Selene, Helios, Demeter, Aphrodite, Hades, Zeus, Cronus, Uranus and Poseidon, who, in the ZG universe, are the original 12 Guardians and the source of every zodiac stereotype ever. Aside from ZG, this idea is also vaguely inspired by Percy Jackson and the Olympians (who woulda thought? -_-) and The Devil is a Part-Timer.


Summary: "This is not a case anymore...it's a personal vendetta." After the death of her husband, prosecutor Aisling Hale takes on a rather peculiar case, that of serial killer "Hummingbird".

About This Story: This one is a lot like Counting Goats and The Governor - it started out as a fanfic (for Death Note, this time around). However, just like The Governor, it had so many OCs I told myself I might as well be writing an original story.

War Letters

Summary: She won't allow anyone to take her son away from her. Not now, not ever.

About This Story: This idea came to me from one of my sister's favorite songs, Lettre du Front by Kenza Farah. It (the story, not the song!) is basically about a mom whose son goes to war, leaving her behind at home and only able to reach him through letters. She wonders about the meaning of war and that is what kicks off the plot. To be honest, I'm not sure if I'll write this one. War novels have already been done to death. Me writing this story would be way past beating a dead horse.

When The Forget-Me-Nots Bloom

Summary: "Watching the starry sky never did him good."

About This Story: This was, to date, my second idea inspired by Royz. However, most of the plot is based off of the song Aerial Cord as opposed to Lilia.

Zodiac Guardians

Summary: This wasn't possible. The Zodiac Guardians didn't exist anymore - she made sure of that.

((This is probably the lamest summary ever #3.))

About This Story: This idea popped up in my head as I was fleshing out the plot of Stargazers (see below). It originally involved a group of magical girls, but I just know this has already been done to death. Besides, this is probably just my silly personal opinion and a result of the childhood bias of growing up with Power Rangers: Mystic Force (as opposed to, say, Sailor Moon, which my sister grew up with), but I think mixed-gender magical teams are far superior to one-gender ones. You get better character dynamics and besides, isn't saving the world everybody's responsibility? But I digress.

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