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Well hello there, mortal.*insert Twilight Zone theme music here*

I'm McKenna. Well, technically my birth name is Grace, but I took the name McKenna. Call me Grace, call me McKenna, just don't call me late for dinner. Or breakfast or lunch or 'levensies.


I'm a aspiring artist. I love sketching, drawing, painting, and coloring. I am not at all above raiding the little kid section of a library for a decent coloring book. Not. At. All.

I'm also a writer-- of sorts. I love writing poetry, and my hero in both those categories is Edgar Allan Poe, who inspires so much of my poetry.

I also love music. I can't sing or play any instrument but music inspires me.

Don't ask me what I want to be when I grow up. The answer, invariably, will be happy. John Lennon said that and it applies to me as well. I do, however, have a lot of things I want to learn when I grow up. I want to be bilingual, for one, and I want to have read as many of the great books as possible. Between that, and learning to skateboard, I'm basically giving up the ability to a social life. But oh well.

I'm a girl who doesn't quite fit in-who is quiet but not shy, who talks in riddles but isn't rude.

By the way, if you're off-kilter enough to like any of my works, you're gonna adore my best friend. She's a writer also, and a damn good one at that. Her account name is No Name And The Lonely Machine. If you get the reference in that, you two will hit it off.

Thanks for reading!

Adios, cheerio, chiao and all that.


Age: 13 (Sooooon)

Gender: Female (You couldn't tell?)

Adress: 1313 Mockingbird lane (I'm the normal one... not.)

Favorite book: 13 treasures (only read the first one, but I love fantasy...)

Favorite word(s): Wanderlust, Dusk, Shimmer, Copper, Cola, lace, gypsy, Bohemia,

Favorite movie: It's Kind Of A Funny Story

Hated book: War and Peace (god, so long... so, so long...)

Hated word(s): Orchard, Blouse, Slacks,

Hated Movie: The Hobbit (Don't hate me!!! IT WAS SO INACCURATE.)

Favorite number: 36 (Don't ask. Don't.)

Hated number: 2 (Keep not-asking.)

If there is anything else you want to know about me (and if it's not too weird-- keep out, pervs) just PM me! :)

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