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NOTICE: Currently under major reconstruction!

Hm. It's been a while since I've last been here.. Days? Months? Years? Though, that doesn't really matter at all. All that seems to matter is that I'm back home, ready to welcome all with open arms!

Basic Info!

Just a little about me. Ha!

Name: Lexie (Even though this is actually my nickname o: )

Nicknames/Alias: Z.na, Z, Zstar42 (Old username btw)

Birthday: January 3rd

Personality: Truly differs but I often get a mixed combination. Get that I am goofy, a comedian, shy, and a good listener? Heh. Either way, I'm still -me-. Feel free to drop a message at any time so we can talk! :0

Likes: Anything music related, I'm sold! (HUGE music fanatic at your hands right here folks! ), hot and spicy foods (Give me your best shot I: ), green tea, pandas, penguins, dolphins (oh my!)

Dislikes: Not the best sweet tooth here (sadly :( ), Writer's block

Hobbies: Writing stories (big shock, huh?), Listing to music (Another shocker, heh), Composing music

Favorite Music(Genres): Do I even need to put this? Practically like every type of music with the exception of a few! Probably the most that stick out is anything Rock, R&B, Hip-Hop related is cool. Other genres include K-pop and Visual Kei

Favorite Genres(Writing, Manga, etc): Humor/Comedy, Action, Drama, Slice of Life, Music, Suspense, Romance (sorta iffy, heh)

Contacts: Skype (if you need it, feel free to drop a message!)

Hm.. Just wanted to end this by saying that my ultimate goal for all who are reading this and present is simple--Give you a smile on your face that is impossible to vanish and disappear! Whether it is through my stories (Which I will constantly do anyway!), a simple conversation, or anything else, that will always be my goal. - Z.na

Writing Corner

Anything about my writing projects, style, or related can be found here!

Writing Style: This is a mystery on its own. In all honesty, my writing differs depending on the mood presented. One will mostly find that my stories are rather humorous with comedic elements. Just something to brighten up someone's day say.. after work or a long day. Rarely will someone see something serious in a story, but it can happen.

Favorite Genres(To write): Slice of Life, Humor/Comedy, Drama, Some Fantasy

Possible Projects

Honestly, I have no clue. Who knows when I'll even produce another story. I'm too sporadic

Then again... It's not like I can stick with a story for too long anyway xD

  1. UNTITLED rhapsody
  2. Hanakatoba

--More to come on these projects later! \o.o

Additional Notes

Have not been in the writing mood for months, so I will just be reading and reviewing until my fingers cramp up (If possible).

Might come up with stories as time passes along.

Z's Review Policy

Simply if I receive a review at any time, be looking forward to one being returned back. I won't beg for reviews though. Not really strict when it comes to reviews either. I don't look to criticize harshly at anytime but express what I often like within the story/poem. Of course, if you are looking for me to point out what I see from time to time, I'll be more than happy to do that as well. Until then, feel free to drop a message at anytime about that!


Whether from myself, famous people, or others that seem worthy to note, here are some quotes! Thoughtful, funny, inspiring, and more seem to keep me up and running. Sharing them with the world seems like the best gift I could ever give! Quotes and more quotes galore!!

"I want to make others laugh when they cry and cry when they laugh!" - Z.na

" A day without laughter is a day wasted." - Charlie Chaplin

"Friendship is like peeing your pants. Everyone can see it, but only you can feel the warmth." - Unknown

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." - Confucius

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