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I'm a girl.

I'm a girl who's name is name is Brooke.

I'm a girl who has brown curls and coffee colored eyes.

I'm a girl who loves to write and read. (I wrote in a newspaper when I was 10 and continued ever since.)

I'm a girl who dreams of princesses, witches, fairies and mermaids.

I'm a girl who love trees. (I feel they are there for me. I love them.)

I'm a girl who will always be the one doing something stupid.

I'm a girl who loves the feel of the wind brushing my face with a comfortable warm breeze.

I'm a girl that will stop to watch the sun peak through the leaves on a tree.

I'm a girl who likes and respects herself and the world around me.

I'm a girl who is unique, creative and fun.

I'm a girl, who just happens to be me.

Hi! I'm Beyond The Trees and welcome to my profile! You ma know me from as I'm Brooke daughter of Demeter. Where should I start? I am a Girl Scout and the age between 1 and 100.I like hiking, swimming, and falling down waterfalls. (Long story don't ask.) If we were to the beach or the pool, I would be in the water in 3seconds. If were to go hiking, I would be the one leading. If I go on a field trip, I 'm right next to the tour guide, trying to remember everything I saw and heard. I like to follow these rules,

1.) If you could only do it once, you do it.

2.) Make memories.

3.) Live life.

If you can read this message, you are blessed because over two billion people in the world cannot read at all:

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If you could read that put it in your profile!

That is All Folks! pEaCe!


Oh, wait. Your'e still here? Hmmmmmmm...

Maybe, I should say something like:

Beat It!


Get A Life



But, I am way to awesome to do that. So I am just gonna go and plot the end of the world!

See Ya!