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Author has written 4 stories for Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Humor.

Blackbird is a high school student residing in the country of New Zealand. In her spare time she learns other languages, writes messed up fiction, plays the clarinet and listens to a wide range of music. Her ipod has a high possibility of being very messed up - it consists of symphonic metal to Disney songs to Kpop just to name a few genres.

Her ambitions for the future are world domination, and to join Team Rocket (or possibly Team Plasma since they actually froze an entire city).

She also happens to be a bit of a nutter, though this may make her the slightest bit cannibalistic - peanut butter happens to be one of her favourite foods.

And she will now stop talking in third person because this is beginning to creep her out, a feat that is not easily accomplished.

Update Schedule for Stories:

Institute X: Updated on a semi-regular basis depending on the state of exams/study/whatever else and whatnot. Will be completed someday far away.

Where Does Eternity End?: Updated on a completely irregular, random basis and will remain forever "incomplete" because it's basically a dumping ground for all poetry.

Future Stories (?):

Wide Awake: Falkner meets his worst nightmare - literally.

SiRen: If you had the entire world at your beck and call with a series of notes and rhythms, what would you tell them to do?

Chronicle Core: Being thrown into a beta virtual reality game with your irritating classmate is displeasing to say the least - especially when the "virtual" part ceases to exist.

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Institute X reviews
"There is no strong. There is no weak. As the transparent gas fills each cavern of a room, they are all the same - a pathetic convulsion of limbs against the smooth floor." A psychotic noble who manipulates muscle movement, a cunning merchant whose left eye can turn you to stone and a deliquent with a fondness for explosives... These are the results of your experiment.
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