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I pride myself on writing the highest quality of Sonic the Hedgehog and Digimon fanfics. Every story I've written has improved the way I write, and with my first Sonic game adapt completed and my first Digimon game adapt underway, I believe I am just reaching my prime. Many more fanfics will follow, as I intend to finish the Sonic series to the last with probably a Sonic Adventure 2 adapt toping off the ending, but who knows? I might go even further.

As for my Digimon fics, I have written a highly praised 02/03 crossover fic called "Digimon: Battle to Save the Dimensional Plane", and I am currently working on a Digimon World 3 sequel called "More Than Just A Game".

One of my goals, like my good friend and fellow author NetRaptor, is to show that G-rated fanfictions can be entertaining. And two more things. While it has been off the air for about 10 years, Sonic the Hedgehog SatAM is still the best of the Sonic TV shows! And all the Sonic games used to, still do, and always will rule over all other video games!