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A little about me? Sure..

-I work grave yard shift in a Hospital. My mind wonders off a lot in the middle of the night. Honestly, it's like a movie that never shuts off in my head:)

-Take care of my 18 month old son, who can be a very big handful at times and right now, he loves flashlights :)

-I have been married for Six years to the greatest man on the planet and supports me whatever my crazy brain does!! Not kidding :)

-Sometimes, I have time to read about 6-8 books a week :) it's one of my very favorite things to do when I have the time...Except, I can't read in the car, I get extremely car sick... I know you probably could care less about that, but its just a little piece of the puzzle to my crazy life...

My top 5 Favorite Author's off the top of my head.. Easy enough :)

*-Natalie Ward- I love you to death...I love this story, hands down one of the best stories I have ever read :)

*-Molly McAdams- Taking Chances*Beautiful Story :) Totally Recommend it...Soon to come... Stealing Harper..Chase's POV

*-Jamie McGiure- Beautiful Disaster/Providence Series...Soon to come... Walking Disaster..Travis's POV

*-S.C. Stephens- Thoughtless, Effortless...soon to come... Reckless, so excited :) Can't forget the beautiful story of Collision Course :) Loved it, had me in tears

*-K.A. Linde- Avoiding Commitment...soon to come... Avoiding Responsibility :)

My Music Preference:

Awolnation, Hinder, Linkin Park, Green Day, Radiohead, Staind, Slipknot, The Used, Coldplay, GroupLove, Breaking Benjamin, In this Moment, Blue October.. just heavy metal rock... Maybe a little bit of Neon Trees and Imagine Dragons too :)

I have just discovered The Civil Wars & Coheed & Cambria.. and I really like what I hear.

I like to listen to Music when I write... My band of choice has been The Civil Wars lately, mixed with GroupLove :)

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Trio by Shiraz reviews
Lorena's lips were swollen from my frenzied kiss, her naked skin damp glowing with our mingled sweat. Damn. As she lie beneath me on the bed, waiting with bated breath and parted thighs, I knew there was no turning back - even if I wanted to. I'm not sure what was more surreal...that I was about to screw the ever-loving hell out of my best friend's wife, or that he was watching.
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Life can be heart-shattering and gut-wrenching, but it can also be everything. She loved one man her whole life and lost him. Overcome by grief, life is a struggle until almost 2 years later the only man she ever felt anything for besides Ben is back. She ran away from him once, but now together can their relationship survive the guilt and jealousy of a loved one gone.
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"Come back to mine" he whispers in my ear after we break apart. All I could do was nod and he grins as he grabs my hand. After pulling me out of the crowd and into the parking lot where his car is he slings me on the hood of it before attacking my lips
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Jesika's world was knocked upside down one year ago when her husband died. She's slowly putting back the pieces of her life while trying to adjust at being a widow and single mom. In her mind, there is no way she will ever be interested in another man. Until Derek comes strolling into her life. He brings a side out of her that she's kept locked up and hidden for the past year.
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For four years good girl Lane has regretted breaking up with Noel Falcon. She thought she was being sensible when she told him his dream of being a rock star would get him nowhere, but now that he's a rock god and she's unemployed, she realizes just how wrong she was. But when Noel comes into their hometown for a concert, Lane gets that second chance she's always dreamed of.
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[COMPLETE] He was the writer, the musician, the skater, the loner. We were off to college but then one little problem stands in the way...he gets me pregnant. Preview: 'So, you lied to him? ' Kristy asked softly. Yes, I did. I lied.
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DIVINE reviews
"Did that ass just really leave me money after having sex with him? Oh HELL NO!" Lucy's father just passed away, shattered by her evil stepmother and disowning her not twelve hours after the funeral. Lucy's best friend Daisy shows up and moves her to Las Vegas. Can Lucy handle the rich and famous? What about the Sexy domineering Billionaire Chase Taylor?
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Juilliard or Else reviews
'His hands on my hips, his hard pelvis grinding on my backside to the beat of the loud music, his lips brushing my sensitive spot underneath my ear. Making me quiver. Oh, holy hell.' Abigail meets the dark and mysterious Tucker, their passion for each other ignites in flames. Is Abigail's future at stake with Juilliard Ballet or is something else stopping her?
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