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Hey there! My name is Kadama. I'm a crazy 15 year old Gundam Wing/Lord of the Rings/Harry Potter freak who's really into the comedy and romance sections of fanfics. By the way, I won't have any yaoi/yuri/slash fics. But if you'd like to know, I'm non-yaoi/slash, not anti-yaoi/slash. I respect people 100% who like yaoi/slash, because I have a couple friends that love it; I just don't plan to write any. Anyhoozle, I will take comments from anybody, I enjoy constuctive critisism to make my stories the best they possibly can. I hope you enjoy what I provide! Have fun! ^.~

PS - Check out my Lord of the Rings fic under the screen name Reala and Lindi. I'm Lindi, lol. ^.~

PPS - One more thing, I got to see Les Miserables live for the first time (January 19th, 2003) performed by the Royal Shakespeare Theatre Company and it was AWESOME!!!!!! I LOVE LES MIS!!!!! ^.~