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Hello all

Among all the things I've done this year for the sake of leisure, this will probably be the most time consuming. I hope that I will choose to spend my time wisely, sharing various story ideas with the rest of the community. The first story real you can expect is The Anthology of Red Sunflowers (shameless plug, I know). What I may end up posting first is the universe the story (and the vast majority of them), rather than taking time away from the action mid story, just to explain why the heck this or that is going on...

That's really it on the writing front.

In real life, I spend most of time indoors, reading books, and currently battling with unrelenting acne. I like to critique, write music, and partake in "artsy" activities that make the internet trolls foam at the mouth. I am just a gold mine of guffaws.

In spite of my snark, I do look forward to posting my writings, seeing what others may think, possibly refining my craft in the process.

I hope you find my writing enjoyable.And as I said before, Hello all.