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Hey it's wolf writer girl!

you might now me from fanfiction!

well... I learned that I'm technically not supposed to post Ashling there so now I am posting it on lovely fiction press!

I also have a few other stories posted... don't be afraid to pm or review me your opinions!

I don't bite... usually... hahaha just kidding I love you all!

please read!

my age: 14!

grade: 8th

country: USA!

religion: Catholic

(that is all the personal info I am giving publicly)

i love books and decided to try writing them! It's so fun!

okay I will now introduce you to some the characters of my story Ashling!

me- I'm your host! Wolf Writer Girl! Or wolf for short! Here is my main character! Yours truly... ASHLING TALA!

crowd- woo! Yeah! OW! *clapping*

Ashling- hey everybody!

Crowd- *goes crazy*

Ashling- Hahahahaha okay! So wolf... You called me here today to?

me- introduce you to your fans and interview you of course!

crowd- *applauds with great enthusiasm and expectation*

me- alright so, Ashling, what are your thoughts on Cleo?

Ashling- well... She can be annoying and crazy sometimes...

crowd- *laughter*

Ashling- BUT! But, she is sweet and is there for me... It might be annoying or embarrassing but she means well.

crowd- AWWWEE!

me- now everyone is asking this same question to themselves at home... How do you feel about... This new boy on the block? Blake!

crowd- *Girls go crazy!* *silence wanting to hear the answer*

Ashling- *blushes*

crowd- *applauses like maniacs!*


crowd- *screaming girls and lots of applause*

Blake- thank you! Thank you! Your all too kind!

me- so Blake, how was it that night you saved Ashling from the bounty hunter and out of that net?

Blake- well wolf, there was many mixed emotions that night... I was happy she was alive but I was also mad at myself for not killing that jerk in the first place! I was also nervous if I could trust this girl of the shadows... Who I have now come to know as a great person.

crowd- *AWWW* *applause like never before*

Me- very nice Blake, I have another question... if Cleo tryied to flirt with you what would you do?

Blake- if it was serious? I would tell her we are just friends... But if it was friendly banter... I would probably brush it off.

me- one more question for ya Blake

Blake- yup?

me- what do you think about the views on the story


crowd- *clapping whistling cheering!*

Blake- it is stunning of all the views but we still need reviews! So go to the story Ashling after the show... Read it up! And review please!

me- That's it for today folks! I hope you like my stories!"

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