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Author has written 4 stories for Romance, and Young Adult.

About Me:

Mainly Writes About: Wolves

Likes to Read: Romantic stories involving quadrupeds, preferably wolves

Favorite Creature: Canis lupus

Cutest Creature (in my opinion): Fennec fox

Musical Preferences: Predominantly songs by Cascada (I don't know the genre of songs I listen to...)

Personality: Quiet...

Other notes:

I would highly appreciate it if those who do read my stories take the time to review it. Reviews will help to provide the push and feedback that I need in order to continue working on future stories. Keep in mind though, that I am also very busy with other matters and may not be able to upload as often as I may wish to. In that case, your patience is greatly appreciated.

Stories / Fun facts:

1) Taer's Tragedy- Wolf tragedy short story
-This story, when thought up on a train ride, involved two (three if you count Taer) fictional species (a somewhat well-known pairing) but was written with both species being wolves.
-Earoon's name was thought up differently than those of Crelver and Taer.

2) ‘Til Death Us Do Part, ‘Til Paradise Do Us Reunite- Wolf romance short story
-Tawer was supposed to be called Taver but I messed up so his name is Tawer now.
-I had a harder time than usual coming up with the title for this story.

3) Dispersal- Wolf young adult chapter story [No Longer Being Worked On]
-This story is based loosely on the Isle Royale Middle Pack and the lone female wolf that I read about on the isleroyalewolf.org website. Emphasis on loosely.
-Reld was not originally in the story; she was created while I was writing chapter 5 to explain Lonell's decisions. Improvising is awesome :3.
-(More fun facts may be written after this story is done.)

4) Storm-Blossomed- Wolf romance (lengthy) short story
-It took me 2 months to write (mostly because I kept getting stuck and giving up / placing it on hold and having to delete and rewrite parts to fit).
-It began as a vent story to, well, vent.
-There may be a full version somewhere were Raeow and Aeloyd have some hot, bonding time together ;). [As of now, it's only on my flashdrive :3 ]

Character Name Pronunciations (I'm sorry that it's kind of bad; even I have problems pronouncing their names :3) :

Taer's Tragedy:

Crelver - Cr- ["cr" as in "crept"]; -el- ["el" as in "elevator"]; -ver ["ver" as in "version"]
Earoon - Ea- [ "eh" as in "ecstasy"]; -roon ["rune" as in "rune"]
Taer - Taer ["t" as in "television"]; ["air" as in "air"]

'Til Death Us Do Part...

Chrold - Chr- ["chr" as in "chrome"]; -old ["old" as in "old]
Tawer - Ta- ["ta" as in "tall"]; -wer ["wer" as in "tower"]


Bren - Bre- ["bre" as in "breakfast"]; -n ["n" as in "nice"]
Cralow - Cra- ["cra" as in "crawl"]; -low ["low" as in "low"]
Creave - Cr- ["cr" as in "cream"]; -eave ["eave" as in "weave"]
Fieyar - Fie- ["fee" as in "fee"]; -yar ["jar" as in "jar"]
Lonell - Lo- ["lo" as in "low"]; -nell ["n" as in "nice"]; ["ell" as in "bell"]
Lonold - Lo- ["lo" as in "low"]; -nold ["n" as in "nice"]; ["old" as in "old"]
Rayn - Rayn ["rain" as in "rain"]
Reld - R- ["r" as in "rend"]; -eld ["eld" as in "weld"]
Rilve - Ri- ["ri"as in "river"]; -l- ["ll" as in "fill"]; -ve ["ve" as in "live" (to "live")]
Rowen - Ro- ["ro" as in "row"]; -wen ["when" as in "when"]
Taol - Ta- ["ta" as in "start"]; -ol ["ol" as in "old"]
Tayel - Tayel ["tail" as in "tail"]
Taynam - Tay- ["tay" as in "stay"]; -n- ["n" as in "nice"]; -am ["am" as in "ham"]


Aeloyd - Ae- ["e" as in "Egypt"]; -l- ["l" as in "low"]; -oyd ["oid" as in "void"]
Raeow - Rae- ["ree" as in "reed"]; -ow ["ow" as in "ow"]

Future Plans / Updates:

Oct. 19, 2012: Not really sure. I'm flat out of (good) ideas on short stories unfortunately. I only have a vague idea of another wolf story that'll take more than one chapter to tell. Hoping to get another story done by the end of November.

Nov. 3, 2012: Published my second short story :D. Although it is not the story that I mentioned in my previous update. So I'm still hoping to get a chapter from the promised story that I was talking about by the end of November. Anywho, I hope those who do read ‘Til Death Us Do Part... enjoy it because the title was a PAIN to come up with. I'm not even going to mention how long it took to publish it either because I kept forgetting things @_@. [I'm still new here :3.] Let's just say it's REALLY early in the morning and that I should have been asleep at least 1 hour ago. Cheers! >.>...

Nov. 25, 2012: Published the first chapter of my third story and my first chapter-ed story :O. This is the story that I've been talking about since the first update on Oct. It's based partly on something that I read on isleroyalewolf.org where the MP pack attacked this lone, female wolf and a MP pack wolf found this lone wolf and stayed with her. Anywho, sorry guys but expect the next chapter to be out around the end of December :3. I may do it sooner, but it'll definitely be out by the end of December. Unless I get hit by a meteor of course.

Dec. 24, 2012: As you can see, I was not hit by a meteor :3. However, this whole month I've been dry on inspiration. It was painful writing chapters 3 and 4 of Dispersal so if those chapters suck (more than usual), then I'm sorry :/. Anywho, I promised to deliver chapter 2 by around today, and I give you chapters 2, 3, and 4 by today :). Same deal for the next chapter; expect chapter 5 by the end of January. Also, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy whatever else it may be that you celebrate, Happy Holidays, and Happy Early New Years :).

Feb. 2, 2013: So I uploaded Chapter 5 of Dispersal sometime in mid-Jan. I believe? Anywho, sorry it took so long to get Chapter 6 out considering how short it is. Blame it on laziness and real life throwing me huge chestnuts :/. So Chapter 8 is next, eh? Erm, I don't know...I want to say "expect it by the end of February," but I don't want to have lied if I can't manage it :S. Meh, expect Chapter 8 by the end of February :D.

Jan. 4, 2013: So I'm still alive for those who were wondering. I just gave up on writing for a while. I'm not back yet. In fact, I'll never return >:D . I'll just pop in once in a while. Maybe. See you all next year :D ?

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