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Hello! I have other stories here that I write with Maddie Beaver, you can find them under "Maddie10 with ucat42" also I have some work on Fanfiction.net and , they are fan fics.

I am playing with a few ideas and will publish bits and pieces here, mainly to get feedback. I can take constructive criticism. I can take straight out criticism. I prefer nice reviews, but will take whatever you have to offer!!!!

But just remember, I am human, I'm not a professional writer, and this is something that is new to me and a developing skill.

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So hard to write a profile. You wanna sound witty, intelligent, maybe a little mysterious, cetainly intriguing...

Ok, I can do a bit of that in my stories, but not about me. I can tell you the stats: I'm Australian, I live alone on 6 and a bit acres, with my Arabian horses, whippets, nekkid cockatoo, chickens, geese, peacocks and cats. Had a goat but he ate a plastic bag and died.

Boring, right? I also work ten hours a day, so get up before dawn, feed everyone, drive over an hour on the highway to sit in a call centre for ten hours, then drive home for over an hour, feed my animals, and get inside when it's dark and I'm tired.

I do most of my writing while I talk to customers. They don't know, as I have been doing this job so long I can pretty much do it in my sleep.

Sometimes there's a bit of a gap in my posts, that usually means that I am run off my feet and while the story may be written, I can't post it from anywhere but home, and I don't always get the time. Apologies in advance.

I love horror stories, sci fi (my first full length novel I ever read was Star Trek when I was 7) and some fantasy. Hate silly girly vampire movies, like the harder stuff...but I still love Buffy! I love to read, but don't get much time.

Anyway, please read, and review, if you feel so inclined. I didn't believe how gratifying that was till I got my first review, and I wil be forever grateful!!!

The Graveyard Tales by newshound reviews
How long has it been since you truly had to fight to survive? What would you do to ensure you lived to see tomorrow? In a world populated by the dead, what will humanity do to live?
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I entered a writing competition for "Flash Fiction". The criteria was for the stories not to be over 300 words long, and to be set in a horror convention. I came first runner up with one of the stories. I wil be putting them all on here to share with you.
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Have you heard of the Senderman Myth? Is it a myth? When Lauren was a child she witnessed something terrible, something so shocking that she never forgot, though she forces herself every day not to remember. But want if it was real? What if the tall, Slender Man that entered her life back then has returned? My Entry From America's Next Author Competition.
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A brief Tryst... Him and Her... a moment of passion. (written for a challenge)
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