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Helloooo! You can call me Valkyrie, because you're NOT going to get my real name anytime soon ;)

I'm female - believe it or not - and I'm currently studying biology, chemistry, maths, and psychology in college, so yeah, I'm a bit of a science nerd :) In terms of other interests, I have WAY too many for one lifetime; I'm a black belt in Taekwondo, but I've got myself into a VERY long wait for a black belt Aikido... a few decades perhaps?! Other than my martial arts, I enjoy writing, drawing, playing on my keyboard, video games, and lots of other random stuff.

I also ADORE animals in any way, shape, colour, and form, especially big... cuddly... fluffy... ones. Sorry, random moment. So getting to the point, I've published some chapters of the first story of a sci-fi/ action trilogy based in the future called Blazing Skies and I'd love to get it published professionally. Hopefully, it'll be a pretty original one too, so you don't have to worry about any rip offs, I really hate those.

If you do read my story and find that it's too much like something you've seen, or if it's boring, or difficult to understand (Even though that's kind of the point!), or if my spelling or grammar's dreadful as usual, then please tell me! Constructive criticism is welcome with open arms, but no flames please, it's just completely unnecessary, and it'll make me very upset :'(. I'd also love to hear from you if you like something about my story, I want me to do more of something, then great :). There's also a few more story ideas that I'm mulling over in this wierd little mind of mine such as an idea for a modern-day comedy, one about the underworld/ spirit world, and one called Shadow Souls that I'm working on with author Gingercat 792, so keep a look out for any more that might pop up somewhere :D

Here's an overview of my storie(s):

Blazing Skies - Rebellion: The first of a sci-fi future trilogy (Hopefully) which features three female roommates battling the evil government; Phoenix. Unfortunately, things are never as simple as they seem, meaning cliffhangers and mysteries galore! The chapters are pretty long, so I'd recommend that you tackle them one at a time rather than all at once. It's a work in progress, so sorry if you have to wait a bit for the next helpings!

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