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Well hello there :) I am Esmevan and I am rather very fond of writing. Also I'm not actually a doctor so don't be asking for any medical advice :P

I'll probably be uploading full stories to this but don't expect any kind of regular schedule, I am writing (or at least attempting to write) a full-length book and I have a second one in the works so my writing will be spread between those and whatever I put on here.

Now let me tell you a few things about me:

- In regards to criticism please feel free. I like to know all opinions of my stuff, especially if you think it's going a bit too far.

- While I mentioned that I welcome criticism earlier, please be polite. Also, if you have something to say that doesn't need to be said, then don't say it. You're welcome to tell me your opinions but if all your going to do is insult something or someone then please keep it to yourself. Constructive criticism is one thing but being generally unkind and insulting is another. Having said that, if you have an issue with my writing then do message me and we can discuss it or something along those lines.

- I'm gonna be blunt about this, no homophobia or anything like that. I have several friends who are gay or bisexual and, as such, I shall tolerate no abuse. Be warned, if you throw anything homophobic my way you will be subjected to the full force of my Internet rage.

- Lastly, feel free to chat. I like talking and making new friends and I'm happy to help anyone who needs it. You got a problem, I'll help you. Simple as that.

Well that'll do, I'll go back to procrastinating now.


Okay so I figure at most 0.6 people will actually notice this but I'm actually updating my profile and, fingers crossed, I will very soon be updating my actual stories! Holy crisp packets isn't it just amazing?! So yeah, as soon as I'm finished my exams it should be update central and this old thing will actually get dusted off and maybe even given a lovely little polishing. Anyway, I love all o' you and I will hopefully return in about a week to present more words for the hungry eyes of all my six readers.

So that whole thing about me having a schedule didn't exactly work out. For the near future I'll be uploading whatever's ready, whenever I feel like it.

I'm going to put a run-down of all my stuff here.


Fractured Skies: A little idea I had about two months before I first started uploading it. I wrote the first four chapters really quickly but lost steam when I couldn't figure out a title. Then, one day, the name Fractured Skies leapt into my head and I began uploading. M-rated due to gore and scenes of a sexual nature. New chapter every... whatever day the damn thing is ready.

Future works:

Valour Of The Heart: A one-shot I came up with one day when I was daydreaming. A little different from what I usually write but I liked the idea so I decided to keep going with it. Not very close to being finished yet but once it is it'll be uploaded for your viewing pleasure.

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