The Dark Inside
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This is where I post all my darker stories, generally starring me. I am a hobbyist writer, and I've been writing for about seven months. I found fan fiction by COMPLETE coincidence: Looked up Trauma Center and found Fanfiction. Curious, I decided to read, and eventually...I found what it took to write.

All my stories are EXTREMELY dark, with a lot of cursing and adult ratings. Please do not assume that the person(s) in my fiction are me. I am not emo. Just pissed. Not happy at all.

Why you should read my stories: They are generally spell/grammar mistake free (mostly: can't be perfect.)
Why you shouldn't read my stories: They're emo and dark and I'm not the best writer.
Rebuttal: It's not about how good I am now. It's about how much I learn. And anyways, if you wanna read my dark stories...Have fun. All of these are short, very much so.