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Hello and welcome to my fictionpress profile page! I also have a bunch of Lord of the Flies stories on my fanfiction account, Disenchanted lotf, so check it out if you're a fan of Lord of the Flies like me!

And it might be helpful to know that I do not hold back on swearing in any of my stories, so if you're touchy about stuff like that then you might not like my stories that much!

Here's some info on me...

Name: Not telling...but you can call me...uh...Revenge and Rainbows and shorten that however you like! Or just call me Revenge and Rainbows without shortening it.

Age: anywhere from 0-1000, I'm going to let you decide.

Gender: Female

Favorite band: Okay, I have two favorite bands: The Beatles and My Chemical Romance. I know, it's a weird mix, but I think they're both amazingly talented and such. My favorite Beatles album is "Help!" and my favorite My Chemical Romance album is "The Black Parade." I also really like Flight of the Conchords, they're hilarious and talented. Some other bands I like are Green Day, Florence the Machine, and Queen. I really like P!nk and Katy Perry as well. I would like Adele a lot if I didn't feel like all of her songs were the same. I loathe Justin Bieber, One Direction, and Maroon 5. I think they should all just end their careers. Now. And I never want to hear from them again.

Favorite TV shows: Definitely Sherlock. It's a modern Sherlock Holmes but 10 times more awesome. WATCH IT NOW! My other favorite show would have to be My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Yes, I'm a brony, what of it? FLUTTERSHY FTW!!! I also really like's funny (Danny Pudi is amazing). Enough said. I'm also a fan of Soul Eater. I LOVE CRONA!!! He's definitely my favorite character for too many reasons. Any episode that involves Crona is automatically an awesome episode. Another favorite show would have to be Hetalia, and my favorite characters are Russia and Finland (but I also like Liechtenstein, England, and Japan). I also really like Black Butler, and my favorite character would have to be the Undertaker.

Favorite episode: For Sherlock: The Hounds of Baskerville. THEY WERE ALL DRUGGED! DRUGGED I SAY! For MLP FiM: It's a tie between Dragonshy, Suited for Success, and A Friend in Deed. For Community, it would probably be Physical Education, Modern Warfare, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, or Remedial Chaos Theory.

Favorite book: Lord of the Flies!!!! BEST BOOK OF ALL TIME!!!!!

Favorite character of all time from any book: ROGER!!!!! Roger from Lord of the Flies is the best character from anything ever. He' every way possible. Simon would have to be my second favorite character (poor Simon! He didn't deserve to die!). Now you may be wondering, "Revenge and Rainbows, why do you like Roger so much? He was evil and a sadist!" Well, I like villains. And dark people. And pie...

I think I connect most with Simon, that doesn't mean he's my favorite character, but I think our personalities are very similar. (I also took several quizzes and got Simon each time). BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN I LOVE HIM MORE THAN ROGER!

My least favorite character in LOTF would have to be GOD DAMN PERCIVAL!!!!!! PERCIVAL YOU SUCK YOU ANNOYING LITTLE BITCH! I also don't like Piggy.

My one brony rule: Of the mane six, you can have a least favorite, but you can't hate a pony. If you are a true brony you see the good and sometimes bad in everypony, like in real life, but in the show you can't absolutely hate everything about one pony from the mane six.

Character comparison shit (MLP/LOTF):

Ralph: Applejack (come on guys, they're hard working!)

Jack: Rainbow Dash (They don't take anybody's shit)

Simon: Fluttershy (they're both kind! And shy! And in touch with animals/nature!)

Piggy: Twilight Sparkle (This is kind of obvious...they're both incredibly smart)

Roger: Pinkie Pie (They're both crazy)

Samneric: Rarity (these two don't fit at all. They were the only characters left, though!)

I absolutely LOVE the Hunger Games series, I'm fond of the Warriors series. I also really LOVE Harry Potter.

My favorite character from Harry Potter is LUNA LOVEGOOD! She's so similar to me it's scary: Spacey, everyone thinks she's crazy, she talks about random things, she's smarter than most people think she is. It's really creeping me out how similar we are.

James Potter is a huge douche. Don't try to convince me otherwise. He's a douche. Got it? Good.

My favorite character from the hunger games is Finnick. I'm sorry but he's hot, awesome, and he's just epic. Finnick beats all. Period.

I LOVE the musical Rent. It is one of my four favorite musicals of all time (my others are Little Shop of Horrors, Les Miserables, and Sweeney Todd) and I love all of the songs! My favorite character from Rent is Angel, I was so sad when he died! I also like Johanne and Mark, but not as much as I love Angel. Today for you, tomorrow for me!

I ship...

Roger/Simon (Lord of the Flies)

Ralph/Jack (Lord of the Flies)

Sherlock/John (BBC's Sherlock)

Katniss/Peeta (The Hunger Games)

Gale/Madge (The Hunger Games)

Finnick/Annie (The Hunger Games)

Severus/Lily (Harry Potter)

Luna/Harry (Harry Potter)

Stein/Spirit (Soul Eater)

Brittin/America (Hetalia)

Finland/Sweden (Hetalia)

That just about sums it up! I'll probably have some stories up soon, so check 'em out when you can!

The Peculiar Passenger
Ooh, a story about the Hindenburg on the day of the disaster! Little do they know that there's a rather odd eleven-year-old girl in their midst who welcomes the fate that bestows them. Rated K plus for minor swearing and the overall premise. A short story, so just one chapter!
Fiction: Historical - Rated: K+ - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,200 - Favs: 2 - Published: 10/13/2012 - Complete