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Hello everyone! I'm Astramican B. The "B" stands for Bianca, Brittany, Bethany, Bailey, Bridget or whatever else I feel like being today.

Now, my stories are all about this particular little group of super-heroes. Seven teenagers, all with their own personalities, powers, and fun little quirks. The name of the team is the 'Astramicans', and they live on the island of Astramica.

But it's less cliched than it sounds, I swear.

The word "Astramica" is taken from Rook's native language. Rook is an alien, and on her world, the word "Astramica" means "Rescue". So, the 'Astramicans' would be the 'Rescuers'.

So, here's a brief overview of the characters:

Shadowbolt - She's the leader. She was originally created by my friend Astramican A. Now, how do I describe Shadowbolt? Well, 'she's the leader' seems to work. Sometimes she can be a regular teenage girl - probably the most normal of her entire team - who hangs out with her friends, gets annoyed by things, and has a light obsession with cookies. She was raised the most normal of all her teammates (for humans, anyhow), only getting her powers a few months before joining the team. But while she can be a regular teen, she became leader of the team for a reason. She can be serious, and learns how to handle difficult situations as time goes by.
Shadowbolt has the ability of shadow-manipulation. You know, she can control shadows, and turn into a shadow, and all that sort of fun stuff. Me and A figured that the world needed a good-guy with shadow powers. Haven't you noticed most of them are the bad guys?

Oceanic Opal - Opal is pretty insane. No, sorry, she's not insane, she's crazy, because according to her there is a difference. She has a tendency to say random stuff, get high on sugar, and will flirt with anything male. Incidentally, she's a known stalker. She has a crush on a thief named Pyro, who is scared of her (although he does sort of like her too).
Opal's part siren, which accounts for her lack of common sense. Literally, full sirens don't have any form of common sense, so Opal has less than a regular does. Other parts of being a siren is that she has gills and hydrokinesis (you know, the control of water). Her singing has been known to make guys fall in love with her temporarily.

Kurai Hikaru - Our necessary non-powered member. Kurai is part samurai, part ninja. However, he's not the stereotypical closed-off-secretive ninja, nor is he obsessed with honour. He's snarky, sarcastic and joking. He's not exactly light-hearted, but he's not dark either. He's quick-witted, a little hot-headed, easy to laugh with, and a hero.
Kurai had a bit of a rough childhood. His mother was a ninja, his dad was a samurai. Mum would kidnap him from his samurai training and he'd spend a few months learning martial arts and how to blend with the shadows. Then Dad would come charging through and steal him back, and then he'd spend a few more months learning the way of the sword. This continued until he was about fourteen, when he got sick of it and ran away. The fact each of them were trying to convince him to kill the other might have played into that reaction a fair bit.
His fighting style is a mixture. He has a katana (samurai sword) which he keeps strapped to his back, ninja style, along with ninja shuriken stars that he throws in plain view like a samurai. He uses martial arts and can blend with the shadows if need be (although since Shadowbolt can literally do that, need is few).

Rosethorn - So, Rosie is our time-traveller from about two hundred and fifty years into the future. She got trapped in the early twenty-first century after following a classmate to the past. She's level-headed, sensible and doesn't take nonsense. She and Kurai have this sort of flirting thing, in which neither are willing to admit they like each other. The rest of the team are willing to admit it for them if need be. Rosethorn is also hard to get to unwind, and likes to study. After she got trapped in the past, she decided she needed to know more about our time. Also, don't call her Rosie.
In Rosethorn's time, genetic modification is the norm. Most people have some type of power, be it throwing lightning or controlling water. Rosethorn herself can control plants, as her name suggests.

Genius - Genius's name should give a clue to what his powers are. When he was about five or six years old, Genius was kidnapped by aliens called the Gormarians. Gormarians are experts at genetic modification, although they don't tend to do it on their own species. Instead, they take people from other planets and change them around. They made him a slave on their pirate ship - yes, alien pirates - for the next eight or so years, before the ship crash landed on his own planet. Genius managed to escape with the help of the other Astramicans and joined the team.
Genius's ability is to be extremely smart. The Gormarians placed wires into him, turning him into a cyborg. Genius also has the urge to keep learning, and does so by constant experimenting. Sometimes these experiments seem inane (electronic cream cheese, anyone?) or go awry (shrinking Opal had interesting consequences), but they make him happy. He's also got a laser gun as part of his wrist which he uses as his weapon when they go out to fight crime.

Rook - Super-hero teams need at least one person named after an animal, preferably a bird (they also need someone without powers, which we also have). Well, we have two. Rook is a Kamaratian - that is to say, an alien. Kamaratians are an incredibly military-minded species. They're not so much into conquest as defence. They're sort of a police force for the universe, whether other species want it or not. By human standards, Rook doesn't do well with emotion, but by her own species standards she is pretty much an air-head because she likes to be sarcastic on occasion. She's also incredibly loyal to her friends. She's interested to learn more about Earth, a talent which would be more useful if she were able to read an Earth language. She has a translator which fixes her mouth and ears.
Rook has the ability of telekinesis, due to a part in her brain called the Andorian centre. This is a common Kamaratian ability.

Lyrebird - Lyre is our other member named after a bird. He's our sweet, innocent little guy. He's shy, sensitive, hates to offend anyone, and always tries to be nice. He's not a pasifist, because he does go out after villains, but doesn't like to hurt anyone. He tries to be helpful, but can be a klutz. See, he's actually only five years old, although he looks around fourteen. When he wants to look fourteen, anyhow. He also has extremely weird taste-buds. Want to try a steak dipped in avocado with coconut sprinkles and honey drizzled on? How about pancakes where you use cordial and salt instead of milk and sugar? No? Didn't think so.
Lyrebird is a shapeshifter. He hasn't quite got control of his powers yet, though. Every time someone new walks into the room, he'll automatically shapeshift into them. If he's concentrating he can keep the same form, but if you ever get eye-contact it'll generally shapeshift so he's got the same eyes as you.

Now for a more serious note...

The Astramicans is supposed to be a mainly light-hearted series. However, there is a good portion of it that is less-than-happy. Some of the characters have gone through incredibly traumatic events in order to gain their abilities, and not from their own choice. Also, they go up against not-very-nice people who do not-nice things. At times, the series moves between 'humour' to 'dark humour' and can even reach 'dark'.

I have strong views on what is acceptable to make fun of and what is not. I try to avoid triggering topics such as racism, sexism, homophobia - any bigotism, really - rape, assault, etc.However, I am a product of my society and my own beliefs. I can assure you it's unintentional, but there is a strong chance at some point I may write something prejudiced against whomever it is. If I do, I deeply apologise.

I think I'm just barely toeing the line on 'abuse' with Lyrebird, Kurai and Genius's backstories (Lyrebird especially), and there is minor torture, both psychological and physical, in the later stories I have planned. While the forms of which this happens reflect the unrealistic quality of these characters lives, I would like to give a general trigger warning for the entire series that it can get pretty dark. I have yet to actually reach these parts, but I'd like to warn you all now.

On that subject, I'm also treading a fine line on 'Mental Illness'. The words 'crazy' and 'insane' are used often, mainly to describe Oceanic Opal. Opal is not actually suffering from a mental illness - she is, in fact, not entirely human. She has been partly raised in a society in which vastly different things are considered acceptable. Also, where I live, 'crazy' can be used as an affectionate term to describe someone who is impulsive, easily amused, reckless, etc.
This is not saying that being mentally ill is a bad thing. I would just like to state this for the record. However, Opal doesn't have a disorder.

If any of my stories offend you in any form, I am incredibly sorry. Don't hesitate to let me know and I'll attempt to fix it.

If you want to borrow any of the characters, all you have to do is ask. There is a chance I'll say no, depending on what you have planned, but I'll probably agree.

Generally, you can assume that whatever order the stories go up on are the order it happens in, unless previously mentioned. To clarify (since I don't think that was very clear) the third story I add is set after the second story, etc.

And... that's all I wanted to say (for now).

Read and review, please!

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