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Hey random person who happens to know my username and decided to visit me. I love stories, (that are good of course xD)

Ponies are epic, and if your a hater don't judge me, I just love ponies, including Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash. Minecraft rox, just to let you know.

TOBUSCUS!!!!!!!!!! :D

I like writing fantasy, and I have never tried making a realistic fiction story on my own. I may try it someday, but for now, not really. I believe in Jesus Christ but let me have you know, I don't judge people by their religon, I judge them by who they really are, ;)

Hopefully there's still some time for you to read one of my stories, YEAH!(Currently I am working on one, so after I upload it, you can read it )

Thanks for spending your time to read all the way to here...or did you just skip to here, hmm? XD

(Meh, I don't like big bios :T)