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I am ITO: Inquire The Origin

This account is consisted of an individual writer whose inspiration falls from the love of literature.

For sometime, I've been interested with psychological, life dependent, dramatic works. This consist of fictions and non-fictions. I find FP to be a developing website over the years and ever so often I would like to share with my enjoyment with others who have similar interest. As of now and for the rest of my time on Fiction Press, I'll be looking over many works and helping those who are seeking for true critiques on their fictions.

Who Is ITO?

ITO is a avid writer who's been fond of literature since the age of three. Ever since then, the passion of becoming an aspiring author has burned brighter on the passing days. ITO is new to Fiction Press, but not to its sister Fan Fiction. In fact, ITO has had numerous accounts on the sister site Fan Fiction and has known of the site since 06'. Also, my works can also be found on Booksie. In spite of being five years experienced into the site, much has changed. ITO is very polite, friendly, and open to meeting new authors. PM(s) are always accepted and replied to by ITO.

O-PM(s) are usually responded to the same day or within a week's time period-O

Just How Friendly Are You?

O-ITO adores to communicate with FP author's, especially reviewers!-O

[PM] For a review and/or critique, I will reply. [Open/Closed] Starting: 10/15/2012

[PM] For a collaboration, I will reply. [Open/Closed] Starting: 10/15/2012

[PM] For advice, I will reply. [Open/Closed] Starting: 10/13/2012

[PM] If you need someone to talk to, I will reply. [Open/Closed] Starting: 10/13/2012

Un Thai
Un Thai is a short story based upon a woman named Thai, whose life has come to a close and is garnished in gifts by her lover. Often does he travel and often does she miss his company. In long waiting, he finally returns home and the sheets coo in erotic essence. Mature audience. Read & Review. (C) Copyrighted
Fiction: Romance - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,144 - Published: 10/18/2012