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My life: December 2002

Dec. 1, 12:49 PM

You know what I sad about once a week changing the bio? I'm making it once a month. That was people have plenty to look at, and I'll be able to make a better reflection on my life.

Right now I'm in the midst of working on a fanfic, and it's coming along much more slowly than I was hoping... damnit, I'm on a deadline. Writer's block is not an option!!

Uh, I saw Harry Potter, the movie was frickin awesome. Anyone who liked the 1st movie will enjoy this one, too.

Yesterday was Everett's birthday. He's 17 years old now. I bought him a Gir plushie, since he luvs Gir so much. He seemed to like it when I gave it to him on Friday.

But right now, I'm mad at the little twerp. Why? Well... Kyle passed his driver's test on Friday, so now he has his license. The thing is, he can only have one person in the car other than himself. I told Everett that when he invited me to Chinese food with them, and he's like, "Karen, who's gonna know? Who's gonna care? This is Waterbury." Then he said he would call me back, which he never did. Then as I'm waiting for a phone call, I get an IM from Lauren asking, "How come you're not out celebrating?" And the thing is, this sin't the first time he's forgotten to call me back.

In conclusion, Everett is a poopy head, abd I'm currently not speaking to him. I'll get over it eventually, but right now... I just want to bop the little twerp with a frying pan for being so inconsiderate... the least he could've done was told me that Kyle couldn't drive me...

[Dec. 7th; 12:10 AM]
Holy crap it's late. Wow, considering how tired I am after working, I can't believe I'm still online. Oh well, old Friday night habits die hard, I s'ppose...

Hmm, perhaps I should mention that I got the seasonal posotion at J.C. Penney's. It's really cool. (Having the job, I mean. Doing the job isn't. ^_^;) What's freaky is that there's this guy I met online a few weeks ago and he works at the mall in another store and today he was in Penney's when I was working and I probably walked past him without even knowing. Odd, neh?

Hmm, I guess I never mentioned about how sarah dumped Kyle, did I? Well, she did, and it's really hard trying to be friends with both of them, because Kyle doesn't want to associate with Sarah. But the thing is, she's bisexual, like me, and we were always talking about how we'd get together if she and Kyle ever split. But right now, I'm not sure I want to date her, because I'm starting to like Kyle!! O.O

Oh well, at least I can safely say I'm over Everett...

I think...

[Dec. 7th, 11:15 PM]
Blarg... I shouldn't be here. I should be in bed after working 8½ hours, but no. I've got e-mail to check, Neopets to feed, message boards to post on... and don't get me started on fanfics. My God, I SERIOUSLY need to get a written schedule from Keisha. I can't do this, "What are my hours for tomorrow" anymore, especially if I'm going to be a seasonal.

[Dec. 10th, 6:15 PM]
I finally got that journal. Here you go:


I won't be updating here anymore, but the link will stay in my bio until the end of the month. Then I will make it my homepage.

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