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ALOHA!!!!!! My name is Katelyn and i just found out and i love it! I love reading! I published a book :D. And i know the summary sucks but you should check it out. I am now going to be naming some random stuff about me (:

Gender: Girl... duh

Height: 5'4

Hair: Really dark brown, people say it's black but its not -.-

Eyes: Super brown darkness. it looks almost black :D

Region I Came From: I know for sure i am half indian, Pawnee to be exact. i dunno anything else really.

Shoe Size: I forgot x.x

Star Sign (Forgot whats its actually called X_X): Pisces

Birthday: Febuary 22

Wizard101 Info: Yes I play that game... ANYWAYS!! My character name is Kaitlyn Soulheart. Level (At the time): 76 and my school is death :D

Now onto my favorite stuff .

Candy: Hard to say, i like a lot of candy except for chocolate bleh ( I just hate the after taste T_T) i'll have to say butterfingers.

Flowers: Roses are so beautiful, especially the really red ones.

T.V Show: I'd have to say the Vampire Diaries.

Computer Games: I like Wizard101, World Of Warcraft (Kinda anyways) and Sims 2

Anime: First anime i ever watched was Inuyasha and it still the best :D Oh but i do really enjoy Fruits Basket and Shugo Chara

Sport: Soccer soccer soccer!!!! o

Author: Well i guess i'd have to choose James Patterson, he's the one that inspired me to read in the first place (:

Movie: Ah there are so many where do i begin? i'll have to pick ( ATM, I cant think of anything else) The first Pokemon Movie XD and no i did not watch the hunger games sadly :"(

Now some random questions about myself :P

Tomboy?: Very, i am not girly at all except my scream -.-

Do You Like Sonic?: Well it's not that bad and i've grown into it from playing the games and watching the shows with my brother.

Do You Like Animals?: Of course i do. Favorite's are Dolphins and Dogs (:

Got A Dog?: Yeppers i got three dogs. Bubbles, Maggie, and Molly

Where Do You Live?: None of your buisness x.x

How Much Do You Weigh?: Again none of your buisness -.-

Can I Stop Asking These Questions?: You sure can

Thank you! ( Runs away)

XD i was bored, anyways thats all i can think about right now hopefully i'll get going on my story so i can publish more chapters. Tah tah!

Oh and i also have another story called Soul Heart on, its a Wizard101 fan fiction. If you could R&R that would be greatly appreciated :D

Soul Fangs
Many years ago, mythical creatures named vampire and werewolves terrorized countless villages. Soon they found their weaknesses and forced them into hiding but now, they're sick of hiding and out for revenge. People made an organization named W.V.K to protect against the new supernatural clans named White Fang and Black Knight. W.V.K has a new plan, one word. Katelyn.
Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: T - English - Supernatural/Romance - Chapters: 3 - Words: 5,613 - Published: 11/10/2012