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Gundam Wing is definitely my favorite anime, although some of my other favorites are Escaflowne, Ruroni Kenshin, and Evangelion; I always seem to go for the big, angsty dramas. I’ve been an anime fan for two years, a fanfic writer for one. My favorite couple is 2xH; I’m not betraying my penname, I still like 4xDC, but I really haven’t found much scope for them as a couple besides the whole ‘forgiveness’ thing. As long as a fic is well-written I don’t mind whether it’s yaoi or non-yaoi. I have plenty of fic ideas but I can never get started on them… I’d have at least twelve fics listed on my author page if I did.


Hello, everyone :) Just a little status update here. I am about halfway through the rough draft of the next chapter to The Maxwell Trap (in which Duo and Hilde will finally meet); it’s definitely harder than I anticipated, although I think it will be the most rewarding if I do it right. I can’t make any promises on when it’ll be posted; this chapter will either make or break the fic, and I really want to do a good job. Unfortunately, Thanksgiving at the Maxwells is rather solidly stonewalled, and ideas for Quatre’s prank are almost nil (pun intended); hopefully I can update them within six months, it all really depends on my muse… instead my muse is bombarding me with ideas for my next movie adaptation, and we’re kicking around ideas for a 2xH lemon… if I ever get the guts to write it, that is…