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/Tonight, we are young. So lets set the world on fire, we can burn brighter, than the sun./ We are Young by FUN.

When I was growing up I had that message drilled into me that you ALWAYS had to fit in and be popular, and that you ALWAYS had to confirm to every rule. But to be honest that is the largest set of bollocks that will ever grace the ears and eyes of somebody. No you don't ALWAYS have to fit in and be popular. You don't ALWAYS have to confirm to every rule. Because life would be boring if there wasn't that small majority of people who DIDN'T fit in and be popular, who DIDN'T confirm to every single rule. You know why BECAUSE LIFE WOULD BE BORING if every single person on this planet was a clone of one another, that's why I love being different. Because it makes me unique AND THEN SOME!!

Hi, I'm Euro. I'm 16 years old and unlike most of the fictionpress community I hone XY chromosomes and if you don't know what what means, I am a guy. I love to write, read, draw and act however I'm not very good at any of these. I haven't actually been on this site in nearly a year because I've been super ill and stuff but now I'm back and I'm going to be updating my stories and perhaps writing new stuff also. I'm just so glad to be back, healthy, alive and feeling like I'm 6ft tall. But I'm not 6ft tall, I'm only 5ft 4 and kind of shy. Maybe that's why I write so much. I hope you enjoy my stories, perhaps you can review/fave/follow them because that gives me hope that there are a few people who enjoy my writing.

I'm not an amazing writer but I enjoy what I do which is why I write even though I know a lot of people won't read what I write. I love to make up scenarios, okay. Ever since I was 12 and I first watched Criminal Minds I have made up countless scenarios with my own set of characters for a section of the FBI that I made up. That is why my stories are now going to be centred around these characters. I don't know how many of the stories I've planned by there are a lot. So stick around.

Thanks for reading, see you around fictionpress - Euro.

Fanfiction Account - BeyondxNekoxMassacre

Stories coming soon

Anonymous Pursuit - The SAPU (Serial Analysis and Prediction Unit) is an acute area of the FBI. They specialise in tracking the motives behind serial murders and try to predict who and in what area the next target will be.