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EDIT: Yay! My hiatus has been lifted! Sort of; I'm still not posting much, so...learn to live with what I've given you :P

Hello! I'm Art7Freak, previously known as xXTheOtakuFaeryXx, and you can call me She-chan for short. You can also just call me Victoria (which isn't my name either). It's nice to meet you and I'm glad that you've come to visit my profile. I hope you enjoy my stories, because I do put my all in them, as it's my dream to be a famous author one day. Everything that I post here will be original, and my fan stories will be posted on, under the pen name Every-Beet-of-My-Heart. Please find me there too!

The stories I usually write are tragedy, humor, angst, drama, hurt/comfort, mystery, and romance as an added bonus. The romance part is usually just there to enhance the other elements. Of course, I've got a few romance stories posted, so... I take requests for other genres and if you review my stories often and/or give me a request/idea, I'll dedicate the story to you. It's a win-win situation. And of course, if you review my stories, then I'll review yours. And hopefully, if I review yours, you'll review mine. Just, I really hope I remember _"

Feel free to talk to me about anything. I'm open to all topics, basically. Want to talk? Message me! I'm always open to making new friends _

I'm sad a lot. No, I'm empathetic and some of my friends are battling depression, eating disorders, etc. so it influences me quite a bit. Please don't flame/troll because of my failures. It ruins my mood. I know my grammar isn't the best, but I do try, and I think that they're still perfectly readable stories. If it bothers you that much, write me and I'll attempt to fix it. If I need help I'll message you. But my words are spelled right and my grammar isn't atrocious, so I hope that doesn't happen. Thank you for listening to me. I really do appreciate it.

I enjoy thinking on a higher level, and if you and I get into a conversation, I will tend to get very deep, depending on the topic, because that's just how I am.

"I fantasize about escaping to a different world, one that is so different and far away from the one that I live in, yet still very similar. And that, my darling, is my mind. You may think me insane, or perhaps just a regular sane, but only because you don't truly understand me. I find my dreams, and I find my nightmares, and every single one is precious to me because it is a memory and a journey that I alone make; an accomplishment to show me, and only me, who I am in a world where I am nothing but a freak." --me

"Why do I always have to fall for others when I'm the one that worked so hard to stand up?" --me

"Do you ever think that there will be a day when you look past the outside and see the me on the inside? Would you like me then? Would you stop pushing me around and let me live a little? I'd like that. If only it could happen..." --me

"Everyone has these ideas of first loves and true loves and soul mates. Me? I don't need that. I already have someone incredible to be here with me for the rough times and happy times and regular boring times. My mirrored reflection, my other half, the one who keeps me sane when everything else seems completely INsane. I don't need first loves or true loves or soul mates, I have my best friend who's better than anyone I've ever met. That's all I could ever ask for." --me

The thing I like about FictionPress-- I think you get more comments here than on fanfiction. Just a thought :)

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