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I love writing new stories, something about being able to explain my thoughts and feelings out excites me. Obviously im in highschool and pretty much fit into the mysterious loner category. I mostly keep to myself and spend most of my time in the school library. lol, I guess im kind of a bookworm. I take my book reviews very seriously, if there is something that you don't like or would like to see happen make sure to leave a comment or send me a private message.

Like most teenage girls in the world I mostly take a liking to stories of Romance, Humor, and adventure so if you are into the same things I know you will absolutely love my stories. Just to let you know in advance you might find same-sex relationships in some of my upcoming works. I am a lesbian and if you don't have anything good to say about these upcoming stories I rather you not say a thing.

I hope that you find your self smiling as you read on because that is what is most important ; happiness :)